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Life is Good

Today I hammered out most of a script upon my agent’s request. It is eighty pages, aimed for 5-7 year olds, required multiple cups of coffee, and at one point features a small sheep standing in a Viking longboat screaming “Valhalla, I am coming!”

Even if it doesn’t sell, the fact that this is my job makes me just unbearably pleased with life.

(Don’t ask, I don’t know, no, it hasn’t sold yet, it is still in infancy, there is no publication date or probability, and I will let you all know as soon as I know anything concrete.)

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For those of us so much less cooler and literary-inclined than you, what does 'making the rounds' consist of? Is that off to your agent (hallowed be her name, according to your comments :) ) or someone else?

That means my agent is sending it to various editors. (My agent has to want to sell the piece before she ever shops it around, and there have been pieces in the past where she hasn't known how to sell it or didn't want to represent it that went back in the drawer.)

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