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Gronk. That one did not come easily, and in the end, I don't know if there's enough to it. The composition became very formal at the end, and the goldfinch is too bright, and my four-hour-war with the figure left me rather discouraged about the whole thing.

On the other hand, I have this sneaking suspicion that the gearworld's not gonna let me go that easily, so there may well be another painting or two before that particular rude beast slouches back to the hindbrain and waits to be born again.

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*claps n' whistles* It's gorgeous. I love it. It's perfect. Touch it, and you die. ; )

I think it looks wonderful.

My favorite of your art seems to be the gearworld stuff.¹ I hadn't even put it together until recently when you made that (highly interesting) post about the gearworld, but going through your gallery looking at old favorites again with this new information, I see that my preferences are pretty consistent. This is not an exception; I love it. There's certainly enough going on to hold my rather flightly and inconsistent interest.

However, the composition seems a little problematic. When I look at it, my eye goes to the goldfinch and stays there. I don't think the brightness of the goldfinch itself is a problem, but it might help if you did something to bring out the roots directly below it -- when I force my eye away from the goldfinch, it follows the roots down and then generally cuts left. I find myself looking at the big gear there, which is good, because I enjoy a good gear, and then at the trees in the background and the gears on the right. This may be idiosyncratic or a function of my monitor settings, of course, though I think the latter are about standard.

¹ With a number of notable exceptions, like Twigjack, which I adore. Just sayin'.

The goldfinch's head seems a little off to me- kind of flat, or maybe the beak's a little too narrow- I'm not quite sure.

I love this, though. It reminds me a lot of a place I went camping near Sydney- it was an abandoned coke-something (smelting works? What do they call that?) in a very rural area- nearly wilderness. We drove across a shallow river ford and down a narrow little track that was being overgrown by trees, and gradually the remains of industry began appearing. The shells of buildings- quarried from the sandstone cliffs all around, a giant sheet of rusting metal roof fallen down inside the shell of its building, the coke ovens themselves, falling to pieces, random giants of rusting metal of no discernable purpose. It was an awesome place.

Can I get that in 1280 * 760 for wallpaper?

I have recurring dreams that involve buildings that are much more complex and far-reaching than they initially appear to be. I keep walking, and there are fewer people, and more empty rooms and spaces, and I keep thinking that if I just keep going I'll come back around to where I started, but it just gets more vacant and more disused. Not cobwebby, more sterile, like nobody's ever been there, not even the bugs. That, and a city that I've been to numerous times, that's both a composite of places I've been and its own entity, and I've seen it from a number of locations within it, and it's consistent, dammit. I've been downtown, and south of downtown, and on the expressway that goes by downtown, and out in the southern burbs, and all the geography and road placement and buildings and colors and stuff are all consistent. Maybe the Gearworld is one of those metaplaces like my city, one of those places that exists on some kind of other plane, or as a symbolic construct in the collective unconsciousness, and people who are connected to that particular neurocircuit revisit the locale.

Or maybe I'm just really short on sleep.

Wallpaper...yeah, I might be able to set that up. Maybe I can stick it up on my server.

I'll add a second plea for that, if you're doing it. That picture is amazing.

I have spent a year without a good background for my laptop because I'm picky. If this was a background ... then there's one unnecessarily made complex by my weirdness decision that would be over and done with.

I also have found that the Gearworld stuff often tends to be my favourite of your art (the first print of your art I'm buying when I have the money is the concrete oragami crane--I fell in love with that painting the moment I saw it :-). There's something utterly fascinating about that world--it seems so lonely and tragic, yet deep and vast and full of countless untold histories of some long-forgotten people that built it, or lived there, or died there...or something. It has a malificent beauty, like something that you're both awed by and horrified by at the same time. It's a much more beautiful and poetic version of a ten-car pile-up on the interstate--it's a horrible, tragic thing, but you can't help but be fascinated and try to catch glimpses as you drive by the weckage.

I've actually had...I dunno, "visions" of some place for many years myself, a place that I also didn't invent but that seems to already exist somewhere and is channelling me with bits and pieces of it as it pleases. I've only ever tried to capture it in art once (a *long* time ago, in the days of Deluxe Paint 2 and 16-colour pixel art...*shudder*), but it was by far not the least bit satisfactory, and I've never tried again.

The place seems to be characterized almost entirely by dense, dark forests (mostly conifers like pine and cedar), oddly open clearings in said dense, dark forests, and a sky that seems to be permanently overcast, with that sort of flat, hovering, slowly drifting cover of dark grey clouds that block out 75% of the sun, but that don't cover the horizon, which is a very pale grey and by contrast much brighter, giving a weird, surreal "underlighting" to everything, and making the trees and leaves/needles seem much more brightly lit than the ominously dark sky suggests they should be.

It's a world of paradoxical contrast, of opposites that exist side-by-side, or of the *illusion* of opposites existing side-by-side, anyway, even if they don't actually do so. It's very surreal, and I get "flashes" of this world occassionally when the atmospherics in this one are just right and I happen to see soemthing here that's similar to there--overcast skies with pale horizons that create surreal lighting on a row of dark green conifers, for example.

And oddly, this world kinda named itself, too--I didn't have any hand in it. It insisted a long time ago that it was called "Dutchland," and no matter how much I tried to nudge it into something that sounded cooler or prettier or more interesting, it bucked and complained and remained firm. It was Dutchland, and that was that. This was years before I learned enough about geography to realize that the German name for Germany is Deutchland, by the way. Maybe I'd heard of it vaguely some time in my childhood but never knew exactly what it was, and that subconcious memory led me to involuntarily name this weird place "Dutchland"--I dunno. All I know is it says it's called Dutchland, and in the matter of what it is and isn't, it's calling the shots, not me.


You taunt me. That's the perfect proportion for my monitor desktop, and yet you sized it so small. ;)

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