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Avert your eyes, mammal!

Avert your eyes, mammal!

I was picking leaves out of the pond this afternoon, and moved a leaf aside to reveal this shocking scene of amphibian debauchery.

Frankly, given that they’ve been calling non-stop for about a week—there was a chorus going on while it was snowing—I’m amazed I only found the one couple. These are upland chorus frogs. Later in the year, we’ll probably get bronze frogs moving into the pond, and there are cricket frogs flinging themselves wildly out from under my mud boots, but at the moment, the season belongs to the chorus frogs.

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If I look at the entry on my friend's list without having logged in to LJ, it warns me that it may contain adult content. Usually, that warning isn't true, but I guess in this case it was. Giggle.

I read that as unpaid chorus frogs, which lead me to wonder what sort of a show you'd get if you did pay them.

Oh wow, was it snowing for you guys too earlier this week? Hahahaha frog sex in the snow!

Still my favorite part of Cane Toads: An Unnatural History.

dude, where you live...what else are they gonna do? not like they can nip down to the pub to have a pint and watch a match with their mates. :::Grins:::


Congrats on the future generation of lil' froglets in your pond! It's going to be a wild tadpole rumpus in there come spring.

* Folks I know who study amphibians have told me that some male frogs and toads indeed will amplexus anything they can get their froggie hands on. Including your hand.

Need to get them teeny tiny cd player with teeny tiny Barry White cds.

Why on earth did you lift their leaf? Didn't you see the sock hanging on the doorknob???

Heh. Great comments all 'round. I'm so Facebook-trained that it's hard to resist the urge to look for the "Like" button.

I guess spring has well and truly sprung.... *resists the urge to go out into the pouring rain to work on her new lasagna bed*

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