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Save My Writing Spot!

Okay, gang, I rarely do this, but our little town has lost two of its three coffee shops recently, including the place with the chicken salad sandwich and the pickle.

The lone survivor, Davenport & Winkleperry, is my primary writing spot, and by “primary” I mean “They’re awesome and also I have to drive 45 minutes to get to any others.”

I have written one full book (Hamster Princess, not yet sold) and most of Bread Wizard there. I have started multiple projects there and added words to others. The retelling of Little Red Riding Hood got written there. It’s really kinda vital to my creative process, since to get anything writ these days, I have to be somewhere that is Not My Studio and preferably that has coffee. (I used to be sort of cynical about this, since it seems so “The MUSE requires SPACE!” but you know, it gets the books finished, and I am not gonna screw with a system that works.) And that, these days, is Davenport. If they go, I’m reduced to Taco Bell. NO ONE WANTS THAT.

In addition to my purely selfish reasons, it is a great little space, they have a steampunky art gallery and arguably one of the most interesting liquor selections in towns, they have cabaret shows and live music, they do craft nights and game nights and all kinda neat stuff. Alas, they have hit a bit of a perfect storm with slow January + things coming due (liquor licenses ain’t cheap!) and some equipment issues and need a bit of a bump to get ‘em over the hump.

So if any of you have a spare ten bucks lying around (or more than ten bucks!) and want to support an awesome little local business that’s a credit to the community–and furthermore contributes in a very real and material fashion to getting more Ursula Vernon books and stories written–I implore you to consider dropping ‘em a donation. Save a great business! Save me from Taco Bell coffee! Etc!

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as your attorney i reccomend moving to seattle where there are zillions upon zillions of coffee shops

There's a reason why Seattle has so many coffeeshops -- the nine-month-long overcast (barely an exaggeration) makes it really hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Now go write someting. ;)

A hip local coffee place is a fine, rare thing, especially given the number of Fivebucks out there. Our local place is also a restaurant, and has some live bands and other nifty things. We had another, but that one started declining badly, turning into a real dive of a place, where disgruntled teenagers would hang out when skipping class.

...I don't suppose you'd do a benefit art auction?

(Also, alas for the place with the chicken sandwich and the pickle! I feel vicarious pain.)

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My sister lives near you and adores your gardening column. I shall inform her forthwith to rally the troops. Let me know if the crush of new customers interferes with your Muse.

Consider it done.

I just wish I could drop by and support them by actually giving them business. It sounds like a nice little spot.

This sounds like a wonderful place! I wish we had a place like this near me... *sigh*

And I'd really love to contribute, but I guess they didn't realize that Ursula Vernon Moves The World(tm), so there's no PayPal option and little me in Denmark (Europe) is unable to donate because I don't have a US zip code (and also can't watch all the good stuff on Hulu, but that's an entirely different story).

So, uhm, I guess, good luck?! I'm rooting for you guys, even if you won't take my money. :)

I'm in the UK and managed to persuade the donation page of that, and then the US zip code requirement changed to 'region'.

Done, and proud to do my part to support a community business.

Dunnit. Primary writing spots are essential to civilised life. I hope they're staggering under the flood of donations!

Judging by the events they're advertising, I would be there at least the days out of the week on a pretty regular basis.

I need to start a group called the Lovecrafters so we can meet at local coffee shops and talk about crafting and horror and general geekiness.

Can I steal this idea?

my only major gripe with coffee shops is that I don't drink coffee/hot drinks and none of them carry soda. *sigh*

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Done, and glad to do so. Wish we had a space like that in my town - sounds fabulous.

Heck, I'll even volunteer to stop by and patronize the joint when I come through in March. It'll be a Monday morning, after all; the wife and I will NEED coffee.

And possibly some time for little Yogg-Sothoth-related knittery for her. But I just want coffee.

Alas! They may not be open on Mondays. (But hey, depending on when you're coming through, if you're doing any birding...)

I don't want to think what sort of book would come out of Taco Bell.

Done. Wish I could hang out there in person and give them business. It appears that about half of their current donations have come from your fans. Haha. We love you.

*laugh* I'm pretty wowed. I'll go with "love" although I hold out a sneaking suspicion that some of it is "We wouldn't let a DOG drink Taco Bell coffee."

I donated a little, it is the least I can do since people were so generous to me in my recent time of need, I hope you can keep your little space opened.