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White Bear II

I am in that stage of the book where I am actually doing quite a lot of art, but nobody sees it, and I get the itch of “But you haven’t done REAL art for AGES!”

Which is true. And I still haven’t done real art in ages, because I did this piece in December or thereabouts, but I felt like scanning it to prove that I am not dead.

12 x 12 mixed media on collage paper sealed to board

There is a kind of hunched wariness to this one that appeals to me. She’s been eyeing me for a couple of months now, but for whatever reason, my generalized get-this-out-of-my-sight that kicks in for most of my own art doesn’t seem to apply to most of these animal-women. (I even have a very large one hanging in the stairwell, which is much too big to scan and thus will probably hang there until doomsday.)

Anyway, prints available, original for sale, drop a line or whatever.

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Are you *sure* she's a real polar bear? She looks like she's freezing! (;

That is social commentary at its best.
Whether or not it was intentional, it's a perfect image for the times.

She looks very contemplative.

Oh wow, she's beautiful. I have White Bear. I may have to have her also...

Someone give that poor bear a blanket [g].

I like the contradiction between the sensual lines of the back, the anxiety and insecurity of the facial expression and body language; and the implicit threat of the claws. </ frustrated art critic>

What about the writing showing through near her eye? Kinda looks like tear tracks.

Why for do you show me shivery polar bear just before I head North to the land where spring isn't even making grumpy noises yet?

Not a bad one, just would only notice it at times when I don't want to feel cold or forlorn.

I ever had money for one of your pieces, I would ask for a tour of the too-large abominations. Possibly I'd have to bribe a museum to store it for me if my house wasn't built or bought yet.

I find it funny how the size of a pic impacts its emotional mojo. In the old days, BIG canvases were kewl and impressive and made you seem Legit. Now, they are a PITA because they can't be scanned, and to photo them requires LIGHTING and PLANNING.

Still, love your collage work. The textures are really visceral.

Crazy how times change, huh?

What kind of critter is hanging in your stairwell?

Doe, a deer, a female deer!

Part two of that question is; and what's it doing?

Off subject, but hooray for Dave Lister, space bum.

She is then most naked- and vulnerable-looking (though well-armed) bear whom I have ever seen. A lovely piece. :-)

She is...reflective of my own mood. I've looked at her a couple of different times today, and she has seemed different each time. Apprehensive once; cold and lonely once; glowering and bordering on sullen once.

I think White Bears will have to go up in my office where the White Cats hang.

I hate doing this, I just am trying to figure stuff out and can't seem to get any information.

I'm trying to submit stuff to a convention artshow by mail. I have never done this - by mail or otherwise. I have no idea how I'm supposed to prepare anything. How do I mat it? Do I need to bag them after matting them? Do I need to worry about rigging hangers on them or is that the con's job? How do I ship it?

I'm sorry for bothering you with this, and I thank you profusely for your time. I'm just sort of at my wit's end, the con itself is very lackadaisical about correspondence or I'd be asking them nitty gritty details.

You need to mat them. Plain black mats are usually best. You can get pre-cut mats at any art supply store, and if you have a weird size, you'll need to get one cut. If you have access to a mat cutter, great, if not, go to Michaels or a local art place (NOT A.C. Moore--they charge obscenely) and get a mat cut to the proper dimensions. Don't spend more on the mat than you charge for the art, though--mat cutting costs can add up!

The con will provide peg-board and little clips, which are enough to hang matted prints with. If you have originals on canvas or board that can't be matted, they can usually rig something with the S-hooks and the hanging wires or whatnot. Bagging is nice, but not required, and unless you're buying bags in bulk (I recommend Clearbags.com) they can actually be kinda spendy, particularly for big bags.

Re: Shop question

Awesome. Thank you so much. I knew part of this but didn't know the hanging situation. This helps a lot.

Poor bear. She looks - scared. Apprehensive about a possible attack, or maybe remembering something sad. The claws are magnificent!

Are you certain she's a bear?

She isn't an albino badger, who really prefers warmer weather?

There was a polar bear in Edinburgh zoo for a long time, named Mercedes. She was alone for years after her mate died. Then, a few years ago they built her a new, far, far larger 'enclosure' in the Highlands of Scotland, where she moved along with a new younger male. Sadly she died not long after the move.

That's the story this makes me think of.

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