UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

White Bear II

I am in that stage of the book where I am actually doing quite a lot of art, but nobody sees it, and I get the itch of “But you haven’t done REAL art for AGES!”

Which is true. And I still haven’t done real art in ages, because I did this piece in December or thereabouts, but I felt like scanning it to prove that I am not dead.

12 x 12 mixed media on collage paper sealed to board

There is a kind of hunched wariness to this one that appeals to me. She’s been eyeing me for a couple of months now, but for whatever reason, my generalized get-this-out-of-my-sight that kicks in for most of my own art doesn’t seem to apply to most of these animal-women. (I even have a very large one hanging in the stairwell, which is much too big to scan and thus will probably hang there until doomsday.)

Anyway, prints available, original for sale, drop a line or whatever.

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Tags: art
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