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Coyote Rainbow

This week managed to be pretty crappy by Wednesday afternoon.  In an attempt to cheer myself up, have a very silly, very fast little piece. Because if screamingly bright colors don’t get you, there’s nothing left but gin.

Prints are available, because prints are always available, and for all I know, this is your color scheme of choice. (It could happen…)

Here’s hoping that all our weeks improve…

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


Awww, the cute!

I hope your day improved.

Yep, that's our color scheme all right. I bet I can figure out a place to put it too.

Rianbows ARE kind of my colour scheme of choice, actually, and I like all the expressions. As a pick-me-up picture, this works pretty well! :D

That is so full of win. Love it!

Awww, that is adorable <3

Very much hoping your week gets better ASAP!

They remind me of the cadejos in deLint's Forests of the Heart! Oh, we're saving our pennies for a print of this one, we are. :D

Hope your week improves!
Rainbow coyotes are adorable!

I love it! The red one has this perfect expression of, "It's too early for this" while violet seems unabashedly cheerful.

This is one of Ed's early works, right?

for all I know, this is your color scheme of choice

Have you seen my webcomic?

Feel better.

Awww! Look at all the sweet expressions! (How DO you manage that, with seven different critters all in the same picture, with the same facial structure?) Personally, I think this would be great in a bathroom or a kid's bedroom.

Thank you for the bright colors, but can I have the gin, too?

Am I correct in assuming that while there were more resources than gin, there was also gin?

I hope the week improves, otherwise we shall dash it from the calendar and pretend it never happened.

Violet caught my attention first, as he looks like kinda like a frat boy on spring break. But then I noticed Indigo. Oh, he is so looking for trouble!

Y'know? Other people have crappy days (weeklettes), and they kick the cat. You have a crappy day - and you make great stuff. :)

Here’s hoping that all our weeks improve…

srsly. But also, what winsmith said.