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Urgent–Koi Homes FOUND!

So my dad is moving to Atlanta, as I mentioned before, and he’s got a problem.

Namely, a very nicely stocked mature koi pond.

As they’ll be working out of an RV for an unknown period of time, taking the koi with them is not possible, and unfortunately, the koi rescue group that they were thinking would take the fishies can’t, because Arizona is up to its eyeballs in foreclosures, and that means that all the houses with koi ponds…well, you get the idea.

He’s in Arizona, he has thirty fish, he’s got a week and some change, and if anybody in the area or within shippable distance (do koi ship? Does that work? I have no idea…) can take some koi, we’d all be very grateful.

If you’re in the area and want some fish, or if you have a lead with someone who might, please comment, or e-mail him at gvernonxpat (at) netscape.net (Hell, if you arrange it at the right time and are within sane driving distance, I will personally hand-deliver the fish if need be!)

Save the fishies!


UPDATE: Fishies are saved! Thanks to everybody who turned out to adopt fish—you guys rock! Homes have been found for everybody, (particularly if they can finally catch those sneaky dark-colored koi hiding on the bottom of the pool) and thank you all so much for spreading the word!

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I pinged my best friend about this, since he's in PHX and has been making fish-centric noises. If your dad is beset by asians in lab coats, that's totally my fault.

I know quite a few people out that way, but I can't ping them until I get home tonight. Must remember to do so!

Has your dad checked out the Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix yet? Amazing place, and they don't just have a koi pond, they have a KOI POND-- you could hide bodies in that thing, it's humongous. Also, something called the Valley Of The Sun Koi Club meets there, apparently.

Good idea. They might not take the fish, but they can get the word out there...

(Suspicious comment)
I'm in Arizona... I'll check around and see if there are any fishie-folk who would like some new friends.

I think NY is not a shippable distance, but I'll rebroadcast the news on my FB & LJ for my friends who might be in that neck of the woods.

You should not transport the fish to any place that water freezes in winter, or is currently frozen. It will not go well for them. Also digging ponds in frozen dirt is hard.

I wish I had a cement pond. Damn, I'd be all over this.

I boosted the signal to my Facebook page. I'm Phoenix local so we might get some interest.

koi are shippable if you bag them carefully make sure theres air and the water is cool but not frigid and they are overnighted. I've seen koi shipped from japan to nc before. Its just very risky. I wish we could take some but our pond is on the small side and has babies that would get eaten right now.

I'm no help finding them homes, but yes, fish do ship. They travel in Styrofoam coolers, like hearts going for transplant.

I don't have any fish space, but I just wanted to say how much I love the internet, because it's full of lab-coated Asians, and advice about fish shipping, and fish-centric information of all kinds. The internet rules.

I hope your dad finds safe harbor for all his fishes.

Fish in general ship well with the main enemy being hot temperatures (boil in a bag, anyone?). However, it sounds like you have things well-handled enough here that I don't have to go out blasting the clay to make a pond in the backyard - as much as I would love to do this.

I passed the word on to some folks I know in Nevada, they might know of some koi pond owners.

Fish can be shipped, but only very very very carefully.

Pinged a friend who lives near Phoenix- she rents a house, so they might not be able to do anything, but her boyfriend works in landscaping, so they may have some interested contacts.

Oh, I so wish we had a pond. We'd take them in a heartbeat. And yes, fish are shippable; there are instructions on the Internet for packing fish for shipping. (Remember that they are shipped to dealers all over the world.)

Also, koi and pond stores in the area might be willing to adopt the fish as display fish for their show ponds, the ones they use for sales. If the fish are nice, they might be willing to buy them. (We gave away some of our most beautiful shubunkin golds...and a few weeks later found them in a display pond at a local koi and pond store, where they greeted us ecstatically. Apparently the guy who adopted our fish had a cottage industry in adopting people's fancy fish and selling them.)

Well, now I know where to go if we want to adopt koi, anyway...

I will post to my various lists, if that's OK.

Post anywhere and everywhere--the more eyeballs we get on this, the more chance someone in need of a koi infusion will hear!

I'm posting, since I know a few people in Phoenix :)