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Thank you

Thanks to everybody who let me know that “Digger” was being aggregated by one of those slimy apps making money off other creator’s work. Blargh! Note sent, although their contact form apparently doesn’t allow quote marks in the message box, which meant it took about ten tries and any patience I had with the people involved vanished pretty quickly.

Jerks. I don’t object to such a thing in theory, but if you don’t ASK the creator if it’s okay, you suck. And the only reason NOT to ask is because you suspect you’re doing something wrong. Grrrr.

Update: They promised to take it down, and thanked me for my "polite" request. Since my request did not include words like "please" and did include words like "disgusted you think this is acceptable behavior," I'm wondering if they're being sarcastic or if other creators just sent them pages of obscenities.

Then they asked if I wanted to work with them in the future on something that involved getting creators revenue. Oh, sweetie. If you'd asked me FIRST, then maybe we'd be having a very different conversation, but you've already proved everything I need to know about how you do business, even before your passive-aggressive little P.S. about how it wasn't REALLY copyright infringement, because it was all from my website, really!


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Yay! I hurried to make sure you knew about this, and was rewarded with Battlesheep!

I'd like to see that board game... "You sunk my battlesheep!"

That works until they do the summer blockbuster movie with the alien battlesheep.

Someone really needs to get a LEGIT one of these apps going. There's clearly a market for it, would just need to think of an MO that was supportive to the artists while it didn't necessarily make enough to pay them ...

Maybe something where you provide only the most recent strip and a link to the artist's website? That way you could explore new comics and keep up on your old ones, but if you want to read the archives you can go to the author's site.

That sucks and I am glad you were notified.
On the other hand, BATTLESHEEP!

I had the same struggle with their form (for removing Girl Genius). Now let's see if they actually respond.

Another similar-but-way-different effort that I was pointed to yesterday is Just the First Frame. While this page also (like the scummy scrapers) has may webcomics represented, the difference is that he asks first and then only provides one panel, leading the viewer to click through to the originator's page. He also isn't currently ad-supported, but if he wanted to be I would be fine with that. Theie is a huge difference between the folks that are out there trying to get more webcomics more viewers, and the folks that are trying to co-opt other people's work for their own benefit.

Yes. Send more folk to the actual artist's site!

May I ask which App is this? (so I can check to see if any of the Radio Comix stuff was swiped)

I am so sorry you had to go though this.

It's an App. called DailyComix.
People are not linking direct to it because they really don't even want to hit it to support it in any way.

That bites.

However -- Battlesheep!! WANT!!!

My partner has notified Penny Arcade, User Friendly, and xkcd. I suspect that this guy's app is going to be deleted from the Android store with extreme prejudice.

Oooch.. they bit Penny Arcade? Have you SEEN what happens to people who piss them off? I mean, I wouldn't want to face down a cranky battlesheep, but Tycho and Gabe don't even leave teeth behind when they're done...

Only minorly on-topic, but my bank's Question/Comment form is like that, complete with not telling you what characters aren't allowed. (I think I decided that single quotes, which I use in contractions because I use correct grammar like that, were the miscreants in question.)
So I feel your pain on that one.

That sort of thing is because some people, and some corporations, think they can get away with crappy garbage code, including apps and databases that can't handle escape characters. Even ancient mainframes from twenty years ago have had software updates that enable this, and there has been plenty of time to update the interface code.

It's laziness and sheer penny-pinching miserliness. And in the end, it will come back to bite the miser in multiple ways.

Battlesheep? That's good too, but my first thought was "baabarian."

can I import a Google +1 for that?

scum and battlesheep

May you find Fenton, the sheep from Hell joining Battlesheep in destroying this bozo. (find the song, really. Tom Smith on youtube. You'll laugh your socks off, and find more absurdities from him that may inspire your absurdities.)

I am also going to put a link to this page in the "Moderators Manor" at the board where I'm on the admin/mod team. We all joke about - and the resident code geek has given us symbols of - our mod axes for cutting threads, deleting off comments, and so forth, so it will fit right in at the fluffy vortex. :)

Thank you for amusing us, and educating us as well.
Thanks also to the person who informed us of the tumblr listing of victims.

Sympathies for the ripoff: the scum are always out there.

Loved the Battlesheep. For some reason it strikes me as a piece in a farm chess set, probably the castle. With a row of mail clad chickens as pawns, horses for the knights (of course) and cows (or perhaps bulls) for the bishops. And, of course, the farmer and his wife as king and queen. Don't try raiding this farm!

I want this. And I don't even play chess.

I am so sorry you had to deal with it, but I'm glad you've got Battlesheep on your side.

oh god, i am unworthy of the battle sheep. so fierce.

on another note, heading to hawai'i to visit mum. want coffee when i grab some? shall i take pictures of birds you should go visit yourself?


This 'app' uses the RSS feeds to steal the comix, right?

Every artist afected should post a 'FBI Application-Takedown' picture...
You know, turn his app against him.

Yeah, I'm a bastard...

on a vaguely related note, are there any plans for a Digger dead-tree omnibus?

There are! It's off in the distance a ways, but definitely under consideration. Mostly a matter of me and Sofawolf all getting free time simultaneously...