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Grumpy Toad

This little guy was lurking in the flowerbeds in the front yard. He’s some sort of toad, but they’re so variable and he lacks any of the really distinctive characteristics, so…well…definitely a toad.

He was extremely skinny, which is unusual in my experience—his little belly was concave on the sides. You don’t usually think of toads being skinny. Hopefully he’ll find some nice worms or bugs or slugs or…sigh…smaller frogs…and fatten up. They’re handy little guys in the garden.

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The warmer than usual weather probably got him up before there were sufficient bugs and worms available, poor guy.

Very possible. There are lots of worms and bugs up already too, though--I turn up spadefuls of worms whenever I dig--and zillions of cricket frogs--I'm hoping he'll be able to catch SOMETHING.

Hopeful thought: maybe it is a lady toad who has just finished laying eggs.

I swear, the media has a lot to answer for with the anorexic model look.

That was actually my first thought, too.

The toad isn't buff, oh?

Poor little dude looks like he is well on his way to being a spirit toad.

I will call him Lawrence!

I cannot wait for the interpretive dances :).

Could his kind of toad just be natural svelte? Maybe he is the rarely seen Supermodel Toad.

Just don't let him anywhere near your motor-car!

Huh. My first thought was Fowler's or American, whipped out my guidebook to discover that hey! They sometimes hybridize. I'm gonna call it a Fowlmerican. :P

Yay, Toad!

I hope s/he gets munching on the slugs!

I watched this video of Ruth Stout (the "mother of mulch gardening"), and immediately thought of you. :)

That's a Bufo Americanus, the American Toad, Bufos are interesting and they make pretty cool pets. Just remember to wash your hands after handling, those two bulges behind their eyes are poison glands

When I was growing up, I found toads like this all the time (but not that skinny, the poor thing :/) but since I've settled here in my grandfather's house, I've found far more tree frogs (who tried to trick me with their brownish toadlike exterior (as seen in my icon there) till I was set straight by someone on dA) instead. Same woods (more or less) too. I am baffled but am quite delighted to have the tree frogs!

Looks like a Fowler's toad to me. We used to see them a lot where I grew up but not anymore :(. If he's as small as he looks he may be quite young yet, the young ones always looked skinnier as I recall.

Looks a lot like the toads I used to find as a kid all over the Florida Panhandle; they'd pee all over you if you picked 'em up, which is a pretty effective defense (my brother always told me that being pee'd on by a toad would give me warts.) I do recall seeing them that thin right after coming out of hibernation.

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