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Not dead!

I’m not dead! Really! The Hugo nomination did not kill me! It’s just been a whirl of trying to get crap done, murderous allergies, appalling taxes—I owed more than my CAR cost! And when did the state suddenly turn into a starving wolverine?—and more trying to get crap done. I’m in the death march stage of art for Book Eight, I have to start writing Book Nine–by which I mean I should have started it a couple of weeks ago–and I am trying to come up with a new project for Life After Dragonbreath, which is tricky and involves returning to the rejection circuit. (If you thought that once you had a successful series, you no longer got rejection letters, think again. You just get a better class of rejection letter, which generally boils down to “This one isn’t for us, but since you can obviously sell books, send us the next thing!”)

And we had our driveway re-graveled, which means that there are suddenly large gaps in the wooded area, and if I want any control over what goes there, I have to put the plants in the ground NOW, because disturbed dirt = weedtopia. So I am getting up every morning and dropping seven or eight plants into the ground, which involves digging holes in miserable ground. (Shrub sized holes, some of ‘em.)  Then I stagger in and shower and compose blog posts about how overworked I am, and now I have to go write on Book Nine, codename Toothbreath.

Whew. But not dead!

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That's what every published author I've ever spoken to (just about) has told me to expect about the publishing business. Like...one of the stories I've heard involved one major, respected author coming home from an award ceremony given in his honor to find a rejection letter in his mailbox. XD

Just wanted to say, though, I have been slowly collecting the Dragonbreath books (I'm up to book 4), and cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this series! (I'll actually be a little bit sad when book 9 rolls around, and I won't have any new ones to look forward to.) I'm currently a student in graduate school, studying to be a children's librarian, and I actually used one of my classes as an excuse to start reading them. ("NO, it's not me frivolously spending money on books again...I'm RESEARCHING. The fact that it happens to be written by one of my favorite webcomic artists is just one of those really strange coincidences.")
So, I just wanted you to know that WHEN I get a legit job, I swear that this will be one of the series I push to get added to any collection (if it isn't already there!).

I only have two of the books so far - but one way, when my Godson was bouncing off the walls, and driving me nuts, and refusing to do any of my suggested activities... I grabbed one off the shelf and just started reading aloud, and he settled down behind me, and I was able to read in peaceful silence for several chapters - until his mother came home.

So - definitely a good thing to have on the shelf!

Actually, it's a ten book series, so you'll have one more to look forward to after that! And thank you--I'm glad you're enjoying them!

This reminds me of a story Stephen King tells in "On Writing", about how after he made it as a famous author, he took a much-rejected story he wrote when he was sixteen and resubmitted it, and they published it. xD

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