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(no subject)

Nothing of consequence going on here. I am in an absurdly good mood today, though.

I think it's because I got another five yards of mulch delivered. Is it possible to become addicted to mulch?

I'm starting to think yes and yes .

I am now imagining Ursula, surgical tubing wrapped around her arm, tapping her inner arm and shouting, "Ok, back up the truck!!"

It's cheaper than heroin by weight, but you have to buy so MUCH of it.

Yes. We now have a beefy wood chipper and have been making mountains of it. I don't think a semi-full of it would satisfy me at this point. Mulch magic!

o/~ i'm addicted to mulch
that's the way that i get things done
if i'm not under compost
then i sleep too long
and i hang round like a bum
and my garden's goin' nowhere
and that makes me nervous... o/~

Sorry, i had to, that lept into my forebrain and i couldn't stop it.

With apologies to Robert Palmer...

Gonna have to face it,
I'm addicted to mulch...

Re: With apologies to Robert Palmer...

Yes. *wants video*

Mulch is a terrific thing to be addicted to, IMHO.

Speaking as someone who just got through putting multitudes of tiny plants in the ground this afternoon.

The growth potential, the earthy scent, the pleasing earth tones... Sure, why not?

Might as well face it, you're addicted to mulch

Grow lights are on, the sun is warm
The rain's done, the bee's aswarm
The shoots grow, the leaves unfurl
Shoots spring from branch and burl
Plant's don't sleep, they don't eat;
You planted tomatoes, really deep
But water costs, it might get dry
And your soil,in the summer fry!

Whoa, you like to think you've got enough of the stuff, oh yeah..
Closer to the truth to say you can't have enough
You know you're gonna have to face it, your addicted to mulch...

Re: Might as well face it, you're addicted to mulch

Great, now I'm going to have "Addicted to Mulch" running through my head all day.

I really need to start looking into the costs of buying mulch by the truckload myself soon, since I've got this swath of ground that could really use a good layering of decomposing mulch to prep it for planting.

In related news, my eggplant and tomato plants got here, and are on the kitchen counter, happily marinating in some lukewarm water and awaiting planting this weekend, after they've recovered from being mailed to me. Who knows, maybe this year I can finally manage to figure out how to avoid killing the zucchini.

Obviously, mulch ado about nothing.

Someone had to.

I've heard that it's possible to develop a psychological addiction to anything.

Based on one author's description, I suspect it's possible to be psychologically addicted to writing.

Psychologically addicted to writinig...
If you are not, and can not become so, do not be a writer.
The competition is nasty, the odds of publication low, and if not for yourself, who would you write for?

And now I'm picturing Robert Palmer singing "Addicted to Mulch" backed by four ladies in wellies with garden implements...

I suppose a lot would depend on whether you're looking down at it or looking up through it.