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Dragged Kevin out to the Avengers movie on Friday, and man, that was awesome. It’s big explody absurd fun. It has banter. And Bruce Banner. And S.H.I.E.L.D.’s flying fortress. So, y’know.  (Although I admit, I still cannot see Thor without thinking of Valhallen from the Justice Friends.)

My absolute favorite part, hands down, was Loki. He was wonderfully evil, he chewed the scenery, he had no redeeming qualities*—but he wasn’t whiny. It has come to a point in movies where too many villains whine all the damn time. Loki was cool as a cucumber, made a couple of impassioned Evil Speeches, took his lumps—but even when getting the snot pounded out of him, he had a sort of philosophical “Huh. Didn’t see that coming. Well, damn.” You got the impression that he found everything just slightly amusing. I approve of that greatly in a villain, particularly a villain of that stripe. And when he was evil and condescending he was REALLY evil and condescending.

Then again, as I say in the upcoming KUEC podcast, being a Norse god is probably a bit like being an Iron Chef. You learn to get beat badly, and do it with grace. (“The secret ingredient is…Jotunheim! You have an hour!”)

I have some other good news, but I can’t talk about it until we have confirmation, so, err…hopefully soon. Woot!


*Except maybe Fabulous Hair.

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Avengers WAS absolutely amazing, and this comes from a person who doesn't watch movies all that often. Joss Whedon's fingerprints are all over the banter and dialogue in the movie too. The best of course, was the cliché of talking about reversing the polarity as Iron Man was technobabbling. Nearly died of laughter.

This is one of the first movies I have seen in a long while that I want to see again, while in the theaters!

I just wish people would stop portraying Loki as evil. He's not supposed to be.
He's a trickster, and his main task in Asgaard is to 'take the Gods down a peg or two' whenever they get too full of it. Simple as that.
(Which should explain why Thor is so often the recipient of his 'attention')

To be fair, Marvel's version is based on two '60s era Jewish guys' take on Norse mythology. There are certain . . transcription errors, shall we say, between the gent from the legends and the gent currently appearing in the movies. =\

(“The secret ingredient is…Jotunheim! You have an hour!”)
Thor straps on the belt and starts polishing the hammer.
Loki chuckles under his breath--got this in the bag, man.
Odin starts sweet talking every dim giantess he can find just in case one of them works for the person who owns the thing he needs to steal.
Freya says to Hel with this, since every time she brushes near Jotunheim somebody tries to grab her.
Njordr & Freyr start packing for a visit with the inlaws.

Sweet! I look forward to seeing that, probably tomorrow, with friends! Glad to hear a great recommendation for it! And fingers crossed for confirmation :)

It was, indeed, freakin' awesome. I've been a Marvel reader for the past 40 or so years, so all of this hits pretty close to home. They nailed it.
as for Loki not being evil but instead a trickster...remember what Coleson said...'You lack conviction'. Indeed, that may be why he was not as 'evil' as you may think. Loki was doing what he was doing for many reasons, and maybe he, himself, was not completely sure of why....

Not to mention the potential effects of both the Tesseract and exposure to the Chitauri. Even the Avengers were quite certain that Loki had gone a little crazypants and wasn't being completely rational about all this.

I have some other good news, but I can’t talk about it until we have confirmation, so, err…hopefully soon. Woot!

I know that feel.

I have a thing I've been sitting on for a month now. Good god but it's hard to keep to myself.

I too loved Loki, and am most eager for them to work in a way for him to be (reluctantly) on the side of the angels for one of the sequels. :)

"Justice Friends! ~~~Asseeeeembleeeeeeeee~~~"

Awesome. Now I don't think I can watch the Avengers in theatre's for fear of being kicked out (and I need some more Valhallen in my life!).

I haven't seen it yet... (Life's been busy.)
But it's on my list and all over Tumblr.
It's on my list.

I have not seen the Avengers (yet, I have been told that this is a thing which will happen), but while I accept that fabulous hair is a redeeming quality, it seems Thor is much more ah, redeemed.

I liked Loki's portrayal, especially "why does it seem he's the only one who wants to be here?" Also was nice to see he's susceptible to his own tricks.

Liked Hulk too: often played as a "wait for the green guy to show up", Ruffalo's Banner seems an interesting guy to hang out with when you're not waiting for hulksmash.

I thought he was always supposed to be a bit susceptible to his own tricks. I mean, in the myths, he turns into a female horse to distract this other guy's steed... and ends up giving birth to a very special horse, as the mom.

Can't get much more getting yourself in trouble and having to deal with the consequences than THAT.

Yeah, "The Avengers" is pretty much an automatic Blu-ray purchase when released.
Chock-Full'O'Nuts it was, and nuggets too. :)
When the Whedonite is kept to a nominal level, you get really good stuff EVERYONE can enjoy. :D
I need me a Glowstick Of Destiny. :D

(:goes off to play Galaga)

The trailer had me laughing, but I have a question - is this movie going to make sense when the only character whose movies I've seen is Iron Man?

Absolutely. Iron Man is the only one I've seen. As long as you can handle the three-second recaps for Captain America--Supersoldier! Unfrozen!--and Thor--Alien Norse god!--and the Hulk--Still the Hulk!--you'll be fine.

Thank you; I haven't seen any previews of this yet and wasn't sure if it would be worth the ducats to see it in a theater. I loves me some eye candy but poor scripts can seriously annoy. Amusing and full of explosions... yeah, I can do that. I may be the only female on the planet who enjoyed _Hudson Hawk_.

Nope, my wife loves it too. I find it watchable, but just a wee bit on the random side. :-P And the Whedon!Script for Avengers is eminently watchable.