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Dragged Kevin out to the Avengers movie on Friday, and man, that was awesome. It’s big explody absurd fun. It has banter. And Bruce Banner. And S.H.I.E.L.D.’s flying fortress. So, y’know.  (Although I admit, I still cannot see Thor without thinking of Valhallen from the Justice Friends.)

My absolute favorite part, hands down, was Loki. He was wonderfully evil, he chewed the scenery, he had no redeeming qualities*—but he wasn’t whiny. It has come to a point in movies where too many villains whine all the damn time. Loki was cool as a cucumber, made a couple of impassioned Evil Speeches, took his lumps—but even when getting the snot pounded out of him, he had a sort of philosophical “Huh. Didn’t see that coming. Well, damn.” You got the impression that he found everything just slightly amusing. I approve of that greatly in a villain, particularly a villain of that stripe. And when he was evil and condescending he was REALLY evil and condescending.

Then again, as I say in the upcoming KUEC podcast, being a Norse god is probably a bit like being an Iron Chef. You learn to get beat badly, and do it with grace. (“The secret ingredient is…Jotunheim! You have an hour!”)

I have some other good news, but I can’t talk about it until we have confirmation, so, err…hopefully soon. Woot!


*Except maybe Fabulous Hair.

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