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Summer Appearances

I could totally write this myself, but why, when Kevin does it so much better?

Originally posted by alchemist at Summer Appearances

Here’s where Ursula and I will be over the summer. If you happen to be attending any of the following cons, stop by and say hello!

  • May 25-27 : ConQuest, Kansas City MO

  • Jun 15-17 : AnthroCon, Pittsburgh PA

  • Aug 24-26 : BuboniCon, Albuquerque NM

  • Aug 31-Sep 3 : WorldCon, Chicago IL

And in there somewhere we’re going to Minneapolis MN for a wedding, and I’ll be visiting Bellevue WA a few more times. I’m going to try to drag Urs along to WA at least once more this year, so we can hang out with friends and she can go bird watching with the ever-awesome Tina.

Originally published at sonney.com.

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I wish I knew you well enough to say "LET'S HANG OUT WHEN YOU'RE IN BELLEVUE" without it being really, really creepy.

Wow, what a busy summer!

I know what you mean. I'd say the exact same thing (yes, Bellevue), but it might seem a bit weird. Just like I considered baking phalloi cookies to bring as a gift last time, but really, who wants to eat something Someone-You-Only-Know-Off-The-Internet made?

Howdy neighbor!

Depends on the cookies, really....at this point, I'm more afraid of pre-packaged things....

The bigger problem has been "let's figure out when Kevin isn't working and can do things in Bellevue" but my hope is by my July trip things will have settled to a point I can actually go out an evening or two sans co-workers.

(Although The Armory in Kirkland was one heck of a teambuilding experience....)

Obviously the thing to do is to bring along some of the internerdery friends. "H, work buddies! These are some of my crazy wife's crazy Internet art friends! LET US DRINK TOGETHER. THERE MAY BE SYNERGIZATION. IT WILL BE SYNERGELICIOUS."

I feel similarly about Minneapolis.

Wae you not in San Diego!?

We will be at worldcon! And if you ever wanted to meet/hang out with Sy Liebergot (former flight director at NASA during all of the Apollo missions), I'm his guest liaison and it could totally be arranged :)

We'd be delighted to meet him, and you, if it can be arranged.

We've met! This is Tracey from Durham. (we met at one of Betsy's parties, iirc) Sorry, forgot my handle was semi-anonymous on LJ.

Hi... umm... I'll be at WorldCon for the first time. I'd love to meet you. :)

While I don't have a table, there's a good chance you can find me a the Sofawolf press booth!

I'm also considering organizing a fan meet & greet, just because I know several fans will be there, or live in the area.

WHEN are you going to Minneapolis?

We are going up for Memorial Day to house hunt, then moving sometime in July.

Late in June, I fear! Sadly, I don't get up there as much as I'd like...

In that case you really should come to 4th_st_fantasy. I think you and it would go very well together.

Oh yes indeed! Plus there are some 4th St people who are birdwatchers.

Yes this. We'd love to have you.

Aaaahhhhh oh my goodness yes please please please that would be fantastic.

Onea these days we'll be at the same con again. I keep on vaguely thinking of trying to deal at Anthro.

Woohoo! Worldcon! I'll look for you!

We're so excited you'll be here. We'll try not to fangirl all over you too badly. Let us know if you need anything local!

I checked out the BuboniCon website and was struck by the image next to the announcements. I'm not clear on exactly what it is, but I'd recognize that earring placement anywhere.

[Albuquerque is the closest to us, but I have no idea whether I can get there. I'll try. Will you autograph all the books I have by you?]

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