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(no subject)

I'd like to thank everybody who so kindly commented--I feel better now. Ebulliance has not quite triumphed, but it's got the bastard cornered, so we're on the right track. The nap helped. (I had this very...Mary Sueish dream. Which is only sensible, since I AM actually the main character, but nevertheless, it was very strange and appeared to be very tortured plot about a bratty princess and a troop of dragon-riding mercenaries, and I woke up going "I don't need to worry about my art--my subconscious is the hack!")

But anyway, you guys all rock. I felt better for having read the encouragement (and yes, the notion of someone screaming "VEERRRNOONNN!" in the snow still makes me grin. 'Course, I'm the voice screaming "CHRISTIAAAANSEEENNNN!" from down the block, so who'm I to talk?) Anyway, I promise not to whine again for a good long time. Well, not about feeling insecure. I retain the right to whine about other things.

Like bunnies. I think my bunny whining quotient for the year is still wide open.

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Well, that was over so fast I didn't even catch it quickly enough to send some support!
I think everybody has days like that and everybody recovers, although that's not much comfort when you're in the middle of one. Much better to remember that it's happened to you before and you've recovered.

I've had similar blocks before and I've worked through some of them. I don't know if it helps; it's certainly not a nice feeling to keep plugging away at something you think is terrible. I sometimes find it reassuring to look back over work I've done when blocked and realise that it *wasn't actually that bad*.

I think artistic confidence is a little like physical health; even the healthiest person catches a cold sometimes and even the most inspired person has off-days. It's just imoprtant to take it easy and know what to do so it doesn't last. I've not yet discovered anything pro-active, but I do know what not to do (bottle it up and brood about it). Perhaps a nap (with optional whine) is the best solution.

P.S. Notice that throughout the comment I haven't told you how excellent you are. This is because your talent is so obvious that words are superfluous.

P.P.S. And yours wasn't really a *proper* whine. I whine louder!

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