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Canine Composition

6 x 12 mixed media

This definitely goes down in history as the second most pretentious title I’ve ever used, but I couldn’t think of much of anything else.

The most pretentious title is “Untitled Genius,” because there was a Very Serious Photographer at the coffee shop I’d been doodling at who had hung a piece called “Untitled Genius” and being me, I had to immediately do a similarly titled piece. I believe it featured a hamster shoving crayons up its nose. So there’s that.

Prints available, as always, and there’s an original for sale too, although I was gonna take it off to ConQuest, or AC, or wherever.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


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Hey! That's my dog!

(Photograph (c) award-winning science fiction author Rebecca Ore)
Keeping the backyard safe from moose

(Seriously, I don't have a huge pile of money or anything, and I dunno what one of your originals goes for, but I'll start the bidding at a hundred bucks.)

You turn up in the darndest places.

You know I've always been hell on socks.

Losing an eBay auction for the original is the universe's way of saying "SO BUY A PRINT, FOOL".

...or maybe that's Mister T. I get those confused sometimes.

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