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In other news…

…Dial wants Hamster Princess. Three books of Hamster Princess! Oh god, I am SO happy–A) I love that book, I love the heroine, I love her riding quail Mumfrey, and B) I hate pitching series ideas a lot and was down to “Lawn Flamingo with Lawn Gnome Sidekick. They fight crime!” and it was actually starting to sound GOOD in my head.*

And also they bought Dragonbreath 11, and upon consideration (translation: “Just park the dumptruck of money next to the mulch.”) I think I can manage that. (I swear, every time I start to think “Maybe it’s time to move on!” I get an e-mail from a parent thanking me for getting their kid to read. I’m starting to think my agent is putting them up to it.) We’ll be switching the schedule, however, so that only one comes out a year, with Bread Wizard and Hamster Princess taking the other slot, so I won’t be eyeball-deep in little dragons all the time.

The first Hamster Princess is not due to hit stores until 2015, so it’s gonna be awhile, but I’m just ecstatic that Dial’s on board. I love my editor there, and I am so happy that they decided to give Princess Nibblemark a shot. Yay for Dial! Yay for my editor! Yay for my agent! YAAAAY!


*Lawn-related crimes, mostly. Fire-ants. Watering during drought. Y’know.

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More Ursula to read!

Congrats, congrats, congrats! 'Princess Nibblemark'.... that's too hamsterish for words. **glee**

Okay, I have to tell you this. After a conversation a week or so back with a coworker about Digger and your Dragonbreath stuff (she has a 4-year-old whom I had just babysat the night before and I was encouraging her to try 'em out on him), I conked out on my couch and dreamed you and Kevin were giving an interview about something you'd written that concerned ferrets a la Robin Hood, the 'Weasles of Sherwood' or somethingwhatever. It kind of combined my listening to y'all doing KUEC and my four pet ferrets so it was entirely audible, no images, but it was pretty funny. There was something about turkeys in the interview too but I can't quite recall what.

...why, no, I don't do drugs; why do you ask? o_O

Oh, I for one would love to add some more books to my "Paperbag Princess" shelf. Yay!

I think a Lawn Flamingo with a Lawn Gnome Sidekick would be ideal for defending the lawn against the Poodle Next Door.

Hurray for Hamsters! Huzzah for dumptrucks full of money! (Don't mistake the pile of money for the mulch, tho...)

My son was reading before Danny...

But he always gets SO excited when he gets a new one. Which reminds me, I need to pre order! Because as soon as he finishes, I read it.

We still randomly act out the first three pages of Ninja Frogs and we HAVE to do it at least twice so all of us can say "Do you want pepperoni on that?"

I will also be watching for Hamster Princess!

Re: My son was reading before Danny...

Eating hot dogs at our house has gotten ever so much more interesting, since we acquired that book...

He's too good for Heaven. She's too evil for Hell. Together, they destroy imperfect universes.

Congratulations!!! That is fantastic news!!!

Congrats!! Also, yay!!

(Tell your agent to keep pushing Regency Ninja, though, too, yes? Even if she has to give you an open pseudonym because Regency Ninja are a little more mature than Danny.)

OMG I am so hanging out for Regency Ninja, SO MUCH