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Still not dead!

Back from ConQuest! Very fun little con, really enjoyed it, got to meet some fans and talk to some fascinating people—there was a woman who worked with cadaver-finding dogs! This was so interesting! And apparently awkward, because of course the dog is out there to find dead bodies, and if they do their job, you have to reward them and make a big fuss over them, so the handlers have to have a spotter to talk to the family and sort of get them aside so that they don’t notice that there’s a woman going “Who’s my good doggie? Who’s the bestest dog ever?” and playing with the dog in an enthusiastic manner that would be wildly inappropriate in such a situation, except that–well–dogs.

This was great stuff. Loved it.

We did have some unfortunate flight problems Friday, when our plane was discovered to be unsafe to fly, and being the Friday before Memorial Day, there wasn’t a seat to be had anywhere. So we had to fly out Saturday, and missed part of the con, but everybody was very nice about it.

And there was a fruit and cheese plate in the room. Seriously, I cannot stress enough how happy this makes your GoHs. You come in tired and a bit hungry and sloggy from a long trip and you get to the room and all you want to do is fall down for a few minutes and OH MY GOD, SOME KIND SOUL HAS GIVEN ME CHEESE! Seriously, you will never spend a better ten bucks on guest relations.

Got back fine, turned thirty-five yesterday (woo!) and took today off to go buy plants for myself. Tomorrow I have to start making art for the AC art show. I have the big pieces done, but all my medium-sized stuff sold at ConQuest, and now I gotta scramble.

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Happy birthday!

We could almost be twins -- my birthday's May 27. But I'm a lot older than you -- 62! (much to the horror and disbelief of my inner teenager)

Behold, the power of cheese.

Also: Belated happy birthday! (I almost said something on Twitter yesterday when I saw your status update, but as down as I was feeling yesterday it kept trying to come out mopey. Best to maintain radio silence under those conditions, don't ya know.)

Happy Birthday! Being a con GoH is rather a nice birthday present, I would think.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Yeah, a plate of something good to eat is a wonderful way to be welcomed when you've been traveling and you're tired.

Happy Birthday! ^_^

I loved the anecdote about the cadaver-finding dog handler. Yes, that could be a little awkward for the family.

When I came in to the GoH tea for Ursula, she was listening, enrapt, to the woman with the cadaver-finding dog. After a couple of minutes, Ursula said "I'm sorry, we can talk about art or wombats or whatever if all of you want, it's just I find this really interesting."

And we were all like "No, you're right, the cadaver dog stories are very cool too." :D

One of our staff worked with cadaver dogs... and gave a seminar on how they track etc.
I got to audit the event with a friend who writes mysteries.
*Scent. Everyone smells different while they are alive. 30 minutes after death; everyone smells the same. Tracking dogs are very different from cadaver dogs in that way.
I now know all these interesting facts about bad ways to hide bodies.

This sounds really interesting. Tell? I promise that I don't want to know for nefarious purposes!

Cheese makes everything better!

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Ursula! Your posts are frequent highlights of my days. I'm very glad you exist.

Happy birthday! :D (And yay, cheese!)

Happy birthday! May every year be better than the last.

Joyeux anniversaire Madame Wombat! :D
Also, cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!

Belated happy birthday, from a father and son who are fans of Nurk and Danny. :)