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Minion Badges

His name is Minion-Bob.

Made up a “Minion” badge for AC, since a large proportion of the con always claims to be there as somebody else’s minion. I figure I’ll print up a couple of these pre-made, in case anyone wants to really prove their point. (Given that people tend to buy Their Species Only, I anticipate selling maybe three, but you never know.)

Kevin says that if I make one that says “SHERPA” with a yak on it, he will wear it. But I doubt anyone would notice it amongst the SparkleKevin badges…

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Want. Can I buy 5? I won't be at AC.

Goodness, if you really do want to buy five, send me an e-mail! I can mail 'em, they're small.

Danny introduced me to another dealer as his minion last DragonCon.
I finally got a pewter badge that sez: Wicked Minion.
I intend to wear it this year.

How much will these be? I need.

I was gonna go ten bucks, with the badge holder, plus $2 shipping. (That shipping breaks my shopping cart system on the website, so it's e-mail only, I fear!)

*peers* What species is that, anyway? I figure that people can say, "I want a dog" and you can hand them this, and they can say "I want a cat" and you can hand them this...

Thereby proving my evil marketing genius! Or possibly the fact that I didn't know either.

The ears say rodent but the nose says marsupial.

Minion-Bob is adorable.

(Deleted comment)
Gnu minion would rock. </p>

Double duty for furrys and code geeks.

That's the Sherpa Badge....

Oh, god. I so want to post my SparkleKevin badge (which actually sparkles, and his butt actually glows under blacklight)...but I Twitter'd it, and I figure I'll keep it quiet until Anthrocon.

Maybe one day I'll earn a minion! My would-be minion staffs the Art Show, so I am mostly lacking minions until I can rope friends into it.

My dyslexia made me read the header as "Minion Badgers." I can almost kinda pretend he's a badger. :)

Perhaps crossed with a bit of mushroom?

Heh, thats right, I need to finish the SparkleKevin badge... I started one and got distracted... or perhaps blinded *winces* Will also be bringing your treehare.

Hope to catch up with you one night - perhaps to continue a tradition of sushi soju and homework *grinz*

Absolutely! Sushi and soju forever!

Hah! I'll definitely get one of these. :3

It's possible that a lot of people at cons as "minions" aren't as into it, and don't have, a chosen furry species.

I want a minion badge!
Neeeeeeeeds one!

I have the paypals, and there is even credit in there, but I live in England.
Do you post to England?
Can I get 5 too?
Any plans for putting it on a T-Shirt?

ooh! Can we order these through your store?

I have some glitter pens. I have managed to live 12 years with a young girl and thusly avoid the bane of glitter, but I was the blasphemer who brought glitter into the house! It gives me terrible ideas.....

Ended up with a bit of coffee in my nose when I saw this. I love it! My husband is joining me as a minion this year and I just may have to sneak one of these on his lanyard.