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So you want to buy a minion badge…

Proving yet again that You Just Never Know, Do You?, there seems to be a lot of interest in Minion badges!

At the moment, the best way to get one is to e-mail me. They’re $10 plus $2 shipping US, $4 international, and the problem is that my shopping cart, while very flexible in many regards, tends to choke and die on shipping issues, so we gotta do this the hard way.

So! E-mail to ursulav(at)gmail.com,* tell me what country you live in and how many you want, and I will get you a quote! (I tend to start giving discounts on larger orders, which is another point over the automatic shopping cart system.)

If you’d like to reserve one for AC, to be picked up there, also send me an e-mail, and I’ll do so!

This offer will last until such time as I get tired of cutting 'em out, or my paper cutter explodes and I have to buy a new one, which I sort of do anyway, because the old one is duller than a butter knife, but they're so darn expensive, and...err...what was I talking about?

*This is the one that really works all the time. Some of the old ones go to my ex-husband, so, err…update?

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just how much do new paper cutters cost?

Are we talking the swinging machette blade of doom from the mail room paper cutter?
Or something nicer?

Huh... I wrote a Detective Conan fanfic where somebody was murdered via exsanguination after having their hand cut off by one of those... very gory; they bled to death all over the copier.

There's a Bones episode where someone is murdered and ship from a ship&print, killed with one of those cutters!

I'm not surprised; the one I used as a model for my murder-weapon lives at my workplace (so does the copier; every time I pass the spot where the person got killed off, I wonder what my coworkers would think about it) has a heavy wooden arm with a quarter-inch-thick blade set into it. Apparently it's meant to cut thick stacks of paper and to be removable for sharpening; all that holds it on is a wingnut.

Trufax: I used to work at one of those places, and nearly became your murder victim through stupidity of my own. That thing terrified me, and I had a guy who made me do 150 CD covers on it one night.


I used to work in a Book Arts Center; our bookbinding guillotine could cut an entire book in one go.

Seems like it should be possible to just sharpen the blade on the existing cutter...though given that there are new cutters on Amazon for $20-30 it might not be worth the effort. I guess it depends on if your current cutter is a good one, or a $20-30 model itself.

I've noticed that a lot of lever-action paper cutters have removable blades, so sharpening and/or replacement of the blade alone is definitely worth looking into.

Depends on what kind of "paper cutter" you mean. One of the little board ones that you used in school (and which I'm assuming Urusula is referring to here) can go from 20 to well over a 100 bucks.

The "paper cutter" machine I use at work has a 32-inch blade and would cost at least 50 grand these days. It's also about five feet tall and seven feet long and I doubt it would fit in Ursula's studio, so I don't think this is the type she means. :D

my mum trick for sharpening paper cutters:
put a sheet of tin foil* between 2 sheets or then paper and cut through it till the action is really easy again.
Works on punches too!

*she doesn't actually use Tin foil... that's just what she calls Al-foil. AKA Aluminium foil.

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