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So About That Hugo Nomination Thing…

So as some of you may recall, Digger got nominated for a Hugo award this year, thanks to a whole lot of seriously awesome people who cast nominating ballots, entirely without me knowing it was even eligible. This was very, very nice of them.

“But Ursula!” you say. “The only thing better than a Hugo nomination is an actual Hugo award! How do I vote for Digger? Can I vote for Digger?”

I’m so glad you asked. Because yes, O reader, you CAN vote for Digger if you so desire—Hugos are a…well, not exactly democratic process, more of a republic, really, because it costs money.

In order to vote for the Hugos, you have to get a supporting membership at Worldcon 2012 (or have had one for 2011, or something complicated like that.) This costs you $50 and you get to vote in the Hugos.

Now, if that was all you got, I would say “Dude, ‘Hugo-nominated’ still has the word ‘Hugo’ in it, I don’t need to win that bad, fifty bucks is a lot of money, if it’s burning a hole in your pocket, please donate it to preserve jumping slug habitat or something.”

However, you actually get a lot for the money, because they give you the Hugo Voter Packet. And this includes e-book copies of a whole bunch of the nominees, (including the whole damn run of Digger, in PDF form, as assembled by my enormously talented publisher Jeff) so it works out to a lot of books that are currently in hardcover, a slew of novellas and short stories, some comics—in short, a lot more than $50 worth of content.

Which means that I can say, without feeling too much guilt, “Hey, you can vote for Digger if you want to spend $50 and it’s actually really worth it, because you get copies of some of the very best speculative fiction of the year for the money.”

So, that’s how you vote for Digger if you are so inclined.

If you can’t afford to, please feel absolutely no guilt whatsoever, it does not make you any less dedicated a fan, I am just as happy to have you reading as anybody else, and there were many years when I couldn’t have spent fifty CENTS to vote on something, let alone fifty bucks, so believe me, I understand completely and please, please, don’t apologize.

And if you can afford to, then thank you very much, and if you’re not interested in the voter packet, then hey, how ’bout those jumping slugs, huh?

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Wow, those slugs are indeed pretty cool! Who wouldn't want to donate 50 bucks to protect those cuties?

On the other hand, if you were thinking of going to WorldCon anyway...
(Which I'm not, being in the <$0.50 category m'self, but...)

Addendum re jumping slugs:
Wow, every day the tree-climbing octopus seems more and more plausible by comparison to what's REALLY out there in the mollusc world.

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You make a fine saleswoman - now registered as Supporting (wrong side of the world for attending) just so I can vote for Digger :-) (And read all the nominees for the other awards too.)

this would have to be the first year in forever i didn't have voting rights. grumble grumble grrr.

cause I'd love to vote.. oh would I

Slugs are not supposed to jump. they are supposed to ooze innocuously. I am deeply distressed by the concept of an airborne slug.

Exactly. Where do we donate to keep those suckers firmly on the ground where they belong?

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

**shudders** I loath slugs. I really do. I can't believe the things I've done since I started reading your blog-- first it's the eating menudo, then watching slug videos, where will it all end? Where?

Airslug. Man-oh-man, give me Airwolf any time. I can't picture a giant AI helislug with dual props, I just can't.

Have you seen the Heli-cat that's been making the news lately?

Sheeiit, everything I might wanna read is stuff I already bought. I mean, I'm sure a lot of the other stuff is pretty good - it's gotta have made a decent number of people pretty happy or it wouldn't be on the ballot - but fooey!

Also that is a damn fine way to say "you CAN go vote for Digger this way but I am not pressuring you in the slightest".

One slug link. ONE. And I just spent the last three hours on Wikipedia, reading more about slugs, snails and various gastropodia that I could've previously imagined. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?

You know how for Valentine's Day, one zoo offered to name a hissing cockroach after your loved one? I suddenly have an urge to name a jumping slug after Ursula...

YOu know that's what I got her for Valentine's Day, right?

You're famous!

Of course you deserve a Hugo! And I am terribly distressed to not be going to Worldcon this year and will miss meeting you.

Side note - I saw a copy of Dragonbreath on the holdshelf at my local library - good to know someone else in the area has good taste in children's literature!

HOLY CRAP. I just looked at that list. That's an incredible amount of content. And GOOD content. Between me and my husband, we'd probably ready 80% of it.

Still, it's fifty bucks. I'm taking a few deep breaths and I'll think about it for a few hours.

I didn't do the math myself, but according to TOR to buy all that in physical form would be well over $300.

Can't do Worldcon, but I just heard the news from Further Confusion. Congrats! Looks like we'll get to see one another again next January.

I'll bring you something from Big Lots to celebrate. ^_^

Because of you -- because of you -- I am seriously considering buying an e-reader. Auuugh what is this madness...

(But seriously! So many books! $50! Get to vote for Digger! I love Digger! So many books!)

I just bought a NOOK tablet and am loving it. Loving iiitt. Also, with a Barnes & Noble membership, you get $25 of the purchase of a Nook Color or Tablet, and the site fibs a bit about device memory. It says that 7GB of an 8GB tablet is for BN content (apps, books purchased, content loaded into an app) but it's actually 4GB. And the apps you get are Media (all media winds up in one folder for this. Sucks), Music, Sudoku, Crossword (fairly decent one at that), Chess, eMail, Netflix, NOOK Friends (because we're expected to be social. Ha!), and Pandora. The web browser and reading applications have shortcuts, the reader has three, but no actual icon.

In addition, I've tried charging my Nook with the portable chargers I have for my iPhone and no go. Hooking it up the comp trickle charges but both the Nook and any memory card pop up just like removable drives.

Erm, I just realized you may be eyeballing a different reader but hey! User feedback! I went with the Nook because of the expandable memory thing.

Duly registered! I couldn't justify it just for Digger, but oooh shiny bonuses yay! Thanks for the heads-up.

Hm. I was planning on getting A Dance with Dragons once I finished the previous book (halfway through, only started a day or two ago and I keep getting distracted), which would make it effectively cost "only" 35$... What format do these books come in? Got a Nook Color but it's rigged to dual-boot into Android so I can run Kindle, so doesn't really matter, but eventually I'd like to get an eReader with a battery life not in the single digits and I'm leaning towards the Nook at the moment - it beat the Kindle to having a built-in light and it's tied to a brick-and-mortar store rather than an online giant.

A Dance with Dragons is a PDF. Depending on the item they could be in PDF, epub, or rtf, it just depends on the publisher. Some items come in more than one format.

Edited at 2012-06-13 03:38 am (UTC)