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Prints of “Many Peculiar Things” are now available, for all your oddly margined weirdly masked rabbitary needs!

In other news, is it just me or does *a character who shall remain nameless for spoiler reasons* really get totally forgotten at the end of Diablo III? It’s awesome you’re gonna run things now, Tyrael, it’s lovely how you’ve cleaned up the place, but after that extremely long funeral cutscene in Act I, did we all completely forget that *spoiler* ALSO bit demonic dust in a really futile and tragic fashion?

Also, damn, but cut-scene rendering has improved since the olden days.

Also it is starting to strain my willpower when Kevin’s oldest, who is firmly in that stage of teenagehood where you march around telling people “You do know that you can…” in a tone indicating that it is astounding that the world has run this long without your assistance* wanders in and says “You do know that you can combine gems/what they do/look at weapon stats/breathe without assistance, right?”

One of these days I am going to snap and growl, “Listen, kid, I was playing Diablo before you were a small squirmy glimmer in your father’s testicles!”

His father has offered me a dollar to do so, as long as he is in the room at the time and can watch.


*I know I did it too. My mother was clearly either a saint or extremely hard of hearing.


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My boyfriend believes that they deliberately left some ends loose to have material for a later expansion. As, of course, Certain Treacherous Character simply up and disappears without justice being served. The speculation about the fate of Futile Character-Death's soul also smacks of some heavy-handed foreshadowing.

The developers said almost explicitly that they intend to follow up on Character Whose Name We'll Avoid in an expansion later.

And that is still NO DAMN EXCUSE for having no follow-up whatsoever in the closing cut-scene. I even sat through the interminable credits just to see if they were going to hide it there, and...nope! Nothing! Not so much as a hint!

I am perhaps still a bit annoyed.

well, considering that "mr horrodric i'm a bad guy too! i was tots corrupted by mifesto-blah blah blah" was totally ignored in d2 i have no hope for this.

oh! and mister "i'm dead also" seriously i didn't knowtice until you mentined it...

I cast my vote for plot continued in the sequel, also. The quest for more money.

Make sure you have a camera set up too; a shot (or even better, video) of the kid's face at that particular moment ought to be worth TONS as blackmail material in the near future. And I grew up in a family of bright, argumentative kids; parents need blackmail tools, they're useful in ensuring that the younger generation survives and that the older one doesn't go to jail for homicide.

“Listen, kid, I was playing Diablo before you were a small squirmy glimmer in your father’s testicles!”, may I steal this? With minor changes?
My step-son so needs me to do this to him.

With my blessing! We're all in this together...

Oh gods, the foreshadowing of what I am going to endure in 1-2 years.

May I also borrow? I'm a widowed mother, I need all the ammunition I can get!

My mother says that, as a bookwormish twelve year old, I said to her "Mum, it says here that in two years time I am going to be horrible." She also says that, boy, was I right! (I was a rather late developer.)

I used to read the parenting section in the back of some children's magazine or other that we were getting. I remember going to my mother at some point in my childhood and telling her, in all seriousness, that I thought I might be behaving too well and wasn't sure I was testing my limits enough.

...Understandably, she said I was testing them plenty.

Parent figures (a nice catch-all if I ever heard one) must all be saints. As one of those folks who loves being an uncle but that's IT, I am in awe and wonder of you folks who choose to deal with it every day.

My mother had a phrase when I was that age. "You'll make a wonderful adult some day if I don't kill you first." She now says she's glad she did not. Most of the time.

Oh I love that. My mother-in-law mutters it under her breath sometimes when dealing with the ravenous hordes (aka my siblings-in-law)...

You know, because you're a stupid clueless adult who somehow hatched fully grown and hasn't had the luxury of actual real-life experience. /eyeroll

If I'd tried to pull that line on my parents, I'd have gotten whupped so hard I wouldn't be able to sit for a week.

One of these days I am going to snap and growl, “Listen, kid, I was playing Diablo before you were a small squirmy glimmer in your father’s testicles!”

Set up a Kickstarter for that, would you?

The game and teen stuff is fun, but it's the first sentence that really hits a homer for me. "for all your oddly margined weirdly masked rabbitary needs!" Needs to go into somebody's sales pitch/sig line of tongue-in-cheekness hall of fame.


I worked on a project with teenagers when I was in my mid-20's. I went home every day and apologized to my mom for ever having been a teenager.

This. I was maybe 20, 21, and I was working at Gamestop, and one day I called my parents and apologized for who I was between the ages of 12 and 19. They laughed.

My mom sits her friends with soon-to-be-teenage children down and explains the whole "they turn into arseholes. They'll get over it. Never lose it in front of them, it means they've won."

Heh, I'm the only person in the house that's played all of the Diablo games. The rest of the house knows better than to try and pull that with me, but apparantly, someone's boyfriend who was over had *not* been informed, and was starting in on 'helping me understand' the way the gem combos worked.

He got a five minute spiel, including my rant about how I almost had a runeword weapon (Venom! I was ONE RUNE AWAY FROM FINISHING IT) in Diablo 2 when my system crashed, and that I was now in the process of co-GMing a Diablo 2 D20 game.

Trust me, it's worth it.

Meh, I just figure it is a bunch of pretty graphics layered on top of a real-time mod for Angband http://rephial.org/ Granted it is a very pretty game, but they had to leave a lot out in order to make it playable and to keep the art costs under control.

If I remember correctly, the developers claim it owes more to Nethack.

Kevin’s oldest, who is firmly in that stage of teenagehood where you march around telling people “You do know that you can…”

A kid did that to me when I was playing Diablo II at a convention. "You do know that you can level up now, right?"

I responded, "Yes. Do you know what that little icon above my character's head means?"


"It means I get extra experience as long as it's up there, and it's on a timer. If I level up, I'm wasting bonus time."

He walked away.

And godwilling, we'll all meet again in "Diablo III.i The search for more money"

Woo, print!

I may also have done some additional damage to the ol' PayPal balance. There's a handful of prints that have been in my head as "If I ever procreate, this is the only way that I will be able to decorate the room in kid-appropriate art, while not going stark raving crazy from either pastel overload or Commercialized Pooh Bear Image #24925".

Such an eventuality is not (and had better not be) currently impending, but I may as well have the prints anyway. I can totally hang Triceratops Says Wub on the wall in my sewing room next to Peculiar Bunny and Demon Girl and Mad Hatter and it will be right at home.

Thanks so much Ursula!

Doooo eeeeeeeet

(I'll chip in another dollar.)

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