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Life Imitates Art

There is an absolute ferocity of rain, which, out dutifully mailing prints, I was caught in. It is the cold, pounding, non-lethal-but-man-that-sucks sort of penetrating rain that makes attempts to scurry rapidly out the way useless. You just walk through it, head down, thinking longingly of the warm dry car (even if the car is cold and slightly soggy by the time you manuever into it.)

It's interesting though--the view out the glass door onto the deck is of the greenbelt behind the house. Fine and good. At the moment, it's brown, brown, brown, a little gray, a little russet, but mostly brown vertical tree trunks and brown dead leaves. (I'm told in the spring it will be a cacaphony of green.) Look through the trunks, and you see more trunks, slightly less contrasted because of good 'ol atmospheric perspective, so the effect is brown-brown-less saturated brown-until the whole thing finally blurs out to a medium french gray (or just turns into the burnt orange leaf cover.) But because the rain was so intense, the upper reaches of what is normally french gray turned a sort of blue-roan at the top, (really gray, but looking much more blue because of the orange below) a quick and subtle effect of the sort you might do in a painting to suggest rain or overcast clouds but which is surprising in a way to see in physical reality.

It was just kinda quick and neat and wanted to be mentioned. I love it when physical reality acts like paint--you spend so much time trying to get it t'other way that it's sort of encouraging.

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Cary looks fantastic in the Spring/early summer, when the new shoots are unblemished by dust, smog, and blazing sun. You'll love the view you get--it happens almost overnight. You'll go to bed seeing those browns and greys; the next morning will be coated in varying hues of green absorbing the happy yellow morning sun.

And wait until you get a real taste of the rainy season.


Wow, that's pretty awesome. o.O I've noticed the same thing with sunsets. I see paintings of them and in my head I'm always saying "Psh, nothing in nature is THAT beautiful." Then I manage to see a truly beautiful one from driving home from Dallas one day, and I feel rather ashamed to have not believed in Mother Nature. =P Anyway, sorry, my two cents.

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Ah, really? =E! Good to know, haha. Are you nearer to Dallas or Fort Worth?

I had one of those moments a couple of months ago -- I live in rural Maryland, and I was driving home with my roommate, and happened to look out the window just as we were passing a hill that was bare aside from the tree on it. The tree was gnarled and, this being winter, leafless, and it was silhouetted against a perfectly clear sky that was an absolutely ludicrous shade of flourescent salmon pink. I pointed it out to my roommate and said, "This is insane."

Do you actually live around people who use the phrase "cacaphony of green"? That would be pretty cool.

Man, I wish. No, I'm mostly just extrapolating based on laconic "Whole lotta green. Yep. S'all green. Everywhere. Mmmhmm," sort of things.

Sounds awsome. Did you happen to take pictures?

I was once caught in a rainstorm like that, on my way to class; it was driving down at such an angle that when I finally got to shelter, the entire front of me was sopping, but the back of me? Dry as a bone.

Was it in your journal I read about mutant hairless rodents?

I could swear it was.

This was posted in another journal on my friendslist, now I have to find out who started my brain on mutant hairless rats before seeing this picture...


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