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Prince of Garlic


Painter, Photoshop, generalized misery

I did about eight hundred things wrong in the course of this painting. I started out with a very clear idea of how to paint it, which is pretty much always death. So I wound up doing and redoing things and wasting a lot of effort on steps that proved totally unnecessary. But this sort of thing is important, because you learn what not to waste time on next time. Or something like that. Various bits did not work out like I wanted, but I’m just going with it now, because I am close to moving into the I HATE IT FOREVER stage, and if I simply call it done, in a few months I may stumble across it and go “Hey, that’s actually not bad!” (Or not. That’s fine. Failure is important. I WILL FIX EVERYTHING IN THE NEXT ONE. ART IS HARD.)

The notion of a set of cards using spices as a suit got scrawled down in a sketchbook ages ago, and while I never got much past the idea of the King and Queen of spices, when I wanted to do a piece that had some Old-Time Feel to it, it sprang to mind.

Prints availableish.

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(Deleted comment)
Tarots are big huge projects. I fear projects that size. I do not commit to them. It guarantees that they will not get done.

Oh, the possibilities!

Also, so very cute!!

oh! adorable!
and I am, as much as I love love love your little squee-worthy prince, mesmerized by the building in the back right. I'll probably be mentally populating a village built like that all afternoon! =)

A building that looks like it could be a garlic press?

(according to my daughter, looking over my shoulder)

A dice deck might be easier than a tarot.

Either a single die deck, where the total number of cards is some multiple of 6, with a even distribution of each value. Or a dice deck where someone clever with math tells you how many of the 2 to 12 values to have to simulate a dice roll.

It takes up more space than dice, but you don't have to worry about rolling across the table (and knocking stuff over).
And you have the added game mechanic of not replacing cards as they are drawn.. loading the dice as the game progresses.

Hmmm.. I feel like I should apologize for this idea now.

"Or a dice deck where someone clever with math..."

It's not clever. It's a chart with one to six on the top, and one to six on the side. Add the numbers up in the grid, and that tells how many each of two to twelve you need.


Congratulations, you just summed up you and meglyman's panel at Anthrocon in three sentences ;)

I do love the spices idea, but can totally understand that it will turn into a NEVERENDING PROJECT OF DOOM and should only be undertaken in fits of complete insanity. And if you're suffering from con crud at this point, you may fall into those fits (if you haven't already), so just BE CAREFUL!

I like the angry wombat in the bottom left, there.

That is an awesome picture. Do not hate it, please. The Suck Fairy is lying to you.

what she said.
Also, am now imagining (and coveting) the five of allspice.

Oh, to me he’s very appealing just as he is. And the expression on his face reminds me of the adorably self-satisfied look on the captain’s face at the end of the Irresponsible Captain Tylor’s credits (anime).

I like the wombat. I like the whole thing, actually.

Print ordered.

(Ursula, we love you. This is going to look so cool in the kitchen, and no pressure but we want the rest of the deck plzkthx. Also, I have a whole unwritten fantasy series where spice = magic, and it all starts with garlic, and...)

What he said. We have big walls in the kitchen, that need filling with art.

i have to go on a buying spree.

You know, this might sound silly, but some of my spices are in mason jars. And this would make awesome label.

not silly at all... that's brilliant! *ponders*

I would so go for a deck of cards with spices and herbs on the face cards. This is just perfect. Spices on the red suits, herbs on the black. Sixteen cards to create, unless you include Jokers.

Except that garlic, for me, has to be a King or an Ace. Yes, there are many herbs and spices, but without garlic (and onions) you are lost. To me, garlic is the ace of spades, and onions the ace of clubs. Chilli for the ace of diamonds, and pepper for the ace of hearts. Turmeric, thyme, coriander, nutmeg, basil, saffron... how far do we have to go?

Salt would surely be the king of kings!

I love the stinky face on the little bug at the bottom. It's just a normal bug face, but you can see him being all "ohmigod, I don't even have a nose and this garlic is smelly." Dunno if that's what you were going for, but I love it.