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Prince of Garlic


Painter, Photoshop, generalized misery

I did about eight hundred things wrong in the course of this painting. I started out with a very clear idea of how to paint it, which is pretty much always death. So I wound up doing and redoing things and wasting a lot of effort on steps that proved totally unnecessary. But this sort of thing is important, because you learn what not to waste time on next time. Or something like that. Various bits did not work out like I wanted, but I’m just going with it now, because I am close to moving into the I HATE IT FOREVER stage, and if I simply call it done, in a few months I may stumble across it and go “Hey, that’s actually not bad!” (Or not. That’s fine. Failure is important. I WILL FIX EVERYTHING IN THE NEXT ONE. ART IS HARD.)

The notion of a set of cards using spices as a suit got scrawled down in a sketchbook ages ago, and while I never got much past the idea of the King and Queen of spices, when I wanted to do a piece that had some Old-Time Feel to it, it sprang to mind.

Prints availableish.

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I want the Page of Scallions. He doesn't get much respect as the more famous and well known spices, but he gets the job done, every time.

The Earl of Shallot - both onions and garlic claim him for their own, but only his gardener knows for sure.

(Deleted comment)
i'm harvesting garlic today and just came in for a break. and eeeeee, there' sthe prince of garlic! ♥

I love the little dudes at the bottom, too.

OMG I WANT. I need a print of this at a decent size for my kitchen. It must be.

My husband had the same thought. I may even affix it to the pantry door.

Absolutely YES! What everyone said, do a deck of cards; spices and herbs. Can they be playing card sized? More will fit on the kitchen wall that way.

About wombats. I can't connect to www.diggercomic.com; browser says that "can't find the server at www.diggercomic.com." Does anyone else have this problem?

I know we had DNS issues last week, but they were supposed to be fixed--I can get there just fine now. I'm wondering if this is a holdover from that...

This would be awesome printed on the side of an earthenware garlic storage pot.

You may be agonized, but- I have an organic farm (and we grow garlic), and I collect Tarot decks. This one is
absolutely gorgeous, and by gosh I am ordering :) caloo callay.

For what its worth, I think your Prince of Garlic is absolutely charming.

I get that it isn't what you saw in your head, but not a failure at all in my book.

FWIW, we don't see the Travails or the Failures, all we see is something beautiful and playful and utterly charming. The artists among us see your wonderful use of a monochrome color scheme, your delightfully layered composition, and the beautiful and expressive ease of your lines.

I'm with Archangelbeth. The Suck Fairy is whispering in your ear. It may not be exactly what you were trying for, but it's delightful.

The garlic there has a significant resemblance to a spade. Perhaps other spices could be the other three suits?
Cilantro could be clubs
Peppers could be hearts
Sage could be diamonds

Admittedly, my own attempts to do a deck with weapons (darts / bludgeons / shields / swords) have yet been dead ends. But I haven't given up!

What I would like to see is your take on Piers Anthony's 100 card Tarot deck - the one with 5 suits (includes lamps for the esoteric element of spirit/aura).

Ah - just saw the other tarot comments. Yes, this one would be even harder - 100 cards instead of 78.

It's got a very "The Tale of Despereaux" vibe (the film -- I've not read the books).

I've been on the road all weekend, just came back and...
Damn! Next week, when I have money!