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Cat on Cat Action

Ben the cat has a very specific coping mechanism for…well…everything.

He believes, not without some justification, that he is the baddest thing on four legs. He fears nothing—not loud noises, not the outdoors, not the vacuum. He has never lost a fight. He cannot lose a fight. Therefore, in Ben’s mind, anything that might possibly break this record—the border collie, for example—should not exist.

Cats are a great argument for belief creating reality. For almost four years now, Ben has simply pretended that a large dog is a mobile piece of furniture. He gazes through the vacuum with a vague, bored expression. Whenever Kevin scruffs him for medication purposes, he assumes an air that says “I am tolerating this, food monkey, because I am benevolent and you do not know better.”

(This is why he’s an indoor cat. Ben would ignore cars and expect them to vanish.)

He took a nap in the middle of the bed today, and Kevin dumped a load of laundry on him.

He ignored it.

Angus, who loves nothing in the world so much as sleeping with his head on Ben’s butt—except maybe clean laundry to get little fawn-colored cat hairs all over—came in, saw two of his favorite things in one place, and climbed on.


That's Angus on top.

Ben is choosing to ignore this as well.

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(Deleted comment)
And I'm echoing it from my spot on the floor, from having fallen off the bed..

I have a friend who claims that every cat, everywhere, is always thinking one thought: "Yes, I meant to do that."

B-b-b-but what about "feed me!" and "look, a squirrel" and "is that a can opener I hear?"

*AWWWWWW!!!* <3

Seriously adorable :D

(Sadly, my cats are not the cuddle-each-other type -- Zuul would MURDER Bastian if he tried -- but they've reached a level of peaceful co-existence so that I can have happy moments like last night, with Bastian curled up on my chest and Zuul against my hip, with both of them getting skritched at the same time.)

And Bastian's life goal is to get white cat hair all over his owners' almost-entirely-black wardrobe, so . . . I sympathize ;)

-- A :D

Your cats' names are very '80s.

Angus looks a lot like my late, lamented Linnet.

I am getting two kittens in two weeks (when they're old enough to come home). I cannot wait.

That sure looks a lot like Guybrush and Roo to my eyes. Funny that.

Your Ben is my Banzai =)
Banzai has his own facebook page....
Stupid Things My Cat Does....

go read, he's An Idiot On A Mission - usually to cause someone here bodily harm.

That is just typical of an Alpha cat. K'zin is just the same a brown tabby male with an exceedingly nothing can phase me disposition.

Just as a note. K'zin looks almost the same as Ben, so it could also be a Large Fat Mackerel Tabby thing as well as alpha cat thing.

I guess if you weigh as much a two bowling balls, you figure you can pretty much ignore whatever you want.

Obviously not happening. Can't think what you're talking about...

Life would be so dull without silly kitties!

And they're both beautiful!

Ben just needed a butt warmer. Alpha cats can't be expected to warm their own butts, that's what little orange kitties and laundry are for.

And I just wanna snuggle Angus. Look at that FACE.

We've got two cats, known as Fat Cat and Flat Cat respectively. Fat Cat is firmly convinced that nothing bad can happen to him because HE'S THE CAT, and this belief has carried him through moves, car rides and even the vet. ("Oh, she's sticking something up my WHOAAAAH I don't like this, but it can't actually be bad, because nothing bad can happen to me. I will wait placidly and flirt with the assistants until something more pleasant comes along."

Whatever he's on, I want some.


Ben reminds me of my Gus. I rescued him from a park where he had been dumped when I was in high school. The weird thing was, when I picked him up and he started butting my chin with his little head, I KNEW he was hungry and went to the ranger station where my mother was talking to a ranger. I asked if they had any milk in the back room, because there had to be break room in there somewhere and maybe one of them kept milk.

My mother got this pinched look on her face and grabbed my arm to drag me out, apologizing for my "strange behavior" while I protested that Gus was HUNGRY.

Gus loved to sleep with me, under the covers and as close to my face as possible. Which was difficult, given I'm allergic, but we worked out a system where he would cuddle up to my chin and when I wanted to breathe, I shoved him down to my knees and we'd go to sleep.

I also taught him to ride on my shoulders, which resulted in him jumping on other family member's shoulders, most often in the kitchen because he could nail the leap from the kitchen table to the person standing in front of the sink.

*sigh* I miss Gus. He's been gone for about ten years now, but I still miss him.

Ben is why you are safe from ninjas. He hasn't lost a fight to one yet!

Just like Ben

My parents were adopted by a cat that was just like Ben. They called him Scamp. Scamp was usually a kind and benovlant ruler, but was known to be quite stuborn when he wanted to be. His favorite place to sleep was on my dad's convertable car top. It was warm and squishy, and was often available for naps. Scamp would grudginly leave when my dad got into the car. After some months, he's wait until the motor started, before he'd hop down. Then, he decided not to leave until my dad pushed him up from below. Finally, one day, Scamp apparently decided to just stay on the roof no matter what, to see where the roof might take him. My dad, thought scamp would jump down when the car started down the driveway. No. Then, up the street. Still on the roof. My dad made a u-turn, came down the street, into the driveway, and hit the brakes - hard. Scamp left the roof then. After that, Scamp would jump down on his own when the car started moving.