UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Finished Hares

I’ll get a better shot of this–with better lighting, and without the easel sticking into the picture–shortly for the gallery, but here’s what the finished hares look like.



Won’t be doing prints of these. They’re for sale, $1200 for the pair (plus shipping, which I warn you now will probably involve a crate and be somewhat exorbitant—frankly, if you’re within two hundred miles, it’d be cheaper to drive down and pick the bloody things up.) on a deep-edge canvas, so they hang without framing. Yes, I do installment plans!

If you’re interested, drop an e-mail to ursulav (at) gmail.com since…err…Huge Freakin’ Hares! Woo! (Otherwise they go on the wall in the hallway, to stare at Kevin. Kevin finds them a little unsettling for some unaccountable reason. He says they’re pretending to close their eyes but are watching him through the slits. Sheesh, you sit on the side of the studio that the paintings point at and you get paranoid, I swear.)

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Tags: art
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