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Annotated Fairy Tale: Hog Bridegroom

Well, gang, it’s the middle of the night, I’ve got insomnia, and that can only mean that it’s time for another Annotated Fairytale!

There’s a whole class of stories about hog and hedgehog bridegrooms, some of which are weirder and grimmer than others. The hedgehog ones tend to be variations on a theme, and rather cute—the hedgehog demands that a rooster be taken to the blacksmith and shod, and then rides him around playing the bagpipes, which is possibly the greatest thing ever—and the pig ones tend to be pretty standard transformed-fiancee fare, except that they usually kill a couple of wives before they find the one who isn’t put off by their appearance.  (In a few versions, they’re all from the same family, and you have to assume that the parents are being held at swordpoint by the time sister number three gets her turn in the bridal bed.)

This particular version is Romanian, and is pretty obviously a version of East of the Sun, West of the Moon, but with some peculiar twists along the way.

The Story of the PigCollapse )

"We call it the Twilight Special."

And that's when I woke the roomies with laughter.

(The otters!)

I can't be the only person hoping for a painting of a 24-headed otter now, can I?

I want to know how the princess carried all those gold things about- did she have a cart?


Also, I had to look up Gloucestershire Old Spot (got the spelling right on the first try, yay!) and discovered this gem in Wikipedia:
The Uley Brewery, a small independent based near Dursley in Gloucestershire, offers excellent ales such as Old Spot Prize Ale, Pig's Ear, Hogs Head and their strongest, Pigor Mortis.

I was doing OK until this (Oh, who are we kidding? It’s otter heads all the way down.), then I absolutely burst out laughing! :D

I greatly fear that if he was rooting about under the bed and upsetting the crockery -- well, there is only one form of crockery that I know of that is routinely stored under beds, and the consequences of upsetting that are more or less disturbing, based on how recently they've been emptied.

Fairytale author deluxe

This is one of the Romanian author Ion Creanga's fantastic tellings. You should look up his stories and tales - he's a master of lines and expressions extraordinaire.

Re: Fairytale author deluxe

Good to know! It was from the pitt.edu Folktales collection online, and I'm glad to know the actual teller!