UrsulaV (ursulav) wrote,

Suggest A Paranormal Romance!

So let's say that you, in a fit of madness, once wrote ten thousand words of a paranormal romance involving a night gaunt.

And then, in another fit of madness, your agent asked if you'd ever written anything in a YA romancely sort of way, and you sent it to her. Possibly you had been drinking heavily the night before.

And she liked it.

And then as you were noodling around with the city full of saints and the writhing faceless things looking in the windows and the artist who keeps eating his still life fruit and the blood-drinking hummingbird, it occurs to you that you have absolutely no idea what you're doing because what you consider romantic is probably not gonna cut it with a teenage girl. She may want to feel swoony. A young man with wings and a tail putting up with dirty jokes from the heroine's elderly grandmother may not lead to swoonyness, or it may be entirely the wrong sort.

And there is nothing sexy about fungi from Yuggoth. No. There isn't. Don't even try.

In these trying times, we turn to research. We read within the field. (No, not Twilight.) Suggest a paranormal romance that doesn't suck! Bonus points if there are no vampires, because I am reallllly sick of vampires.  Preferably YA.

Truth is, I may be too old and jaded for the genre, and it may just wind up as sexy as long underwear with festive night-taunts embroidered on the butt, but...err....worth a shot?
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