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Ittiest Bittiest Lizard Ever

I was sitting on the front steps drinking iced tea and reading “Fire Study” (and a big thanks to the people who recommended the trilogy! Have devoured it completely.) and I happened to glance over at my tea and saw the teeniest little blue-tailed lizard darting away to one of the flowerpots.

He was maybe two inches long, much of it tail, and given the numerous varieties of skink in our area, all of whom have juveniles with blue tails, I cannot possibly tell you what specific species he was. He was teeny. A skinklet.

He was also fixated on my water glass.

I probably spent half an hour there reading and sneaking looks over at the skinklet. He would get closed to the iced tea, sniff around it, notice me and scurry away. His toes were finer than needles.

Finally I snuck a glance over and discovered him carefully licking condensation off the sides of the glass.

I was reading on my iPad and had take the photo with it, and I couldn’t move most of my body without spooking him, but here’s what I managed to get.


I wish I'd been able to get a photo of the tongue.

That glass is a half-size tumbler. The skinklet was WEE.

Stuff like this is why I keep reading on the front steps of the house, even if I do get bit by mosquitoes a lot.

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gbcrush just relocated one of those today, too! He's got a pic over on G+

So cute! Loves them tiny perfect jewel-like lizards!

Oh, the cuteness! I love the watery lizardoids.

BWEE! That skinklet is adorbs.

Out here in Southern California, we get much less colorful, more deserty lizards, but it still always brightens my day to see one.

We have a blue-tailed skink (western skink) in Southern California, but you have to be early out in the morning to see it because it likes to hide under rocks and is fast. However, unlike the east coast's apparent abundance of blue-tailed skinks, we only have the one species. Also if you flip over many of those deserty looking lizards, they are extraordinarily colorful.

While I've seen slender salamanders about that size, they do not have a beautiful blue tail like that juvenile skink.

oh my gosh how cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute <333333

I would guess a 5-lined, they seem to be the most common and boldest, from what I've seen. So itty bitty and cute!

Yeah, being from NC myself, that'd be my guess. The 5-lined skinks are EVERYWHERE.

My partner found some gecko eggs. A couple of days ago, one of them hatched -- and then a second one later. Both babies were released outside.

Oh my goodness that is just as adorable as the skinklet!

So how does the Study series work out once the UST is gone? (A certain somewhat corny scene in Poison Study made me make extremely snarky faces, plus I was upset about another character's awesome being eclipsed, so I haven't done more than prod vaguely at the next in the series.)

Also, cute wee skinklet!

They're still pretty readable, but I'd say Poison Study is the best of the lot. The rest get almost TOO action packed, and there's a couple of cases of "Dude. Seriously, just kill him. Why aren't you killing him? Or tell someone! You're surrounded by mind readers, just tell somebody what he's doing. They can check on that. Sweet god, just kill him already!" Halfway through Fire Study, and a little too much fighting. Everything's a fight scene. You don't get a chance for lingering dread at all. But I'm still reading, so there's that.

I love how the tiny blue tail is echoed by the blue highlights in the tea.