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Two Quickies

Doing some quick and silly pieces in a desperate attempt to squeeze art in around the edges of Dragonbreath and writing. And because I wanted to outline some things in white. BECAUSE I CAN, DAMNIT.


Happy boar!


“Tur” is a funny word.

That grumpy red fellow is called a “Tur.” It’s a type of mountain antelope-goat-thingy that lives in the Caucasuses. He is grumpy because of a despicable lack of grilled cheese sandwiches in his natural habitat. I cannot blame him.

Both of these are 6 x 6 mixed media on board, ready to hang as-is, and if you’d like to buy one, shoot me an e-mail.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


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Admit it. You did it out of boardom.

Methinks someone was craving grilled cheese sandwiches at the time the art was taking place...

Quick and silly will always be gleefully received here, you know!

Ahah! So at last we find out what the 'tur' in turducken is! I'd be grumpy too. And btw, I love the expression on the boar's face; he looks like a javalina who's just found a really squishy mud-wallow.

Or a good dance club -- with that 'do, it's hard to tell.

Mud wrestling with a really good band instead of horrible country music? And I like his 'do, he reminds me of a friend of mine only a bit less spiky.

Maybe a Roy Orbison tribute band??

And yes, he's adorable.

"We've filled the mosh pit at this dance club with three feet of mud. Let's see who notices..."

Gruntled should be the opposite of disgruntled... and your boar is pretty much the ideal spokesbeast for that emotion.

THe boar is very definitely gruntled.

Omg.... It's like you made grilled cheese art-wiches and didn't cut the crust off! *LUB*

Set these side by side and you immediately see the relationship between them. The boar has just uttered a terrible pun and is very pleased with h'self, and the tur is glaring balefully at the boar to say, "Really?"

Yes! That's it exactly. :P

I looked at them without reading the text, and thought, "Two from the Chinese zodiac!"

Bebop in his early years.

Exactly what came into my head too :D

Wow. And here I thought the habitat for grilled cheese sandwiches in the Caucasuses would actually be larger thanks to global warming.

I've got to start reading Scientific American more carefully...

(Deleted comment)
Random art queston, please? How do you get your whites to be so...white? Do you use lots of layers, or are you using something really opaque? And if so, what? I have never seen a paint pen with good coverage like that..

Say you have 4 Turs... Tur-a, Tur-b, Tur-c...

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