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Random Experiments

I amuse myself lately looking at skate art, or graffiti art, or whatever the heck it’s called these days.

Kevin is out of town, leaving me at home with my dogs, weaponry, and Assassin’s Creed 2 expansions. There are tadpoles in my rain barrel. I drank too much coffee today and now I’m jittery and queasy, but I have knocked on nearly 9K in the last two days on this version of Beauty and the Beast, despite being occasionally seized by doubt that Rose Daughter is the definitive retelling and this will come off as a bad homage by somebody who thinks roses are too damn much work.But the Beast’s a smartass, which is nice, and there’s some creepy stuff going on, although I’m running into the problem that it’s hard to get a lot of action in a story that’s basically about somebody stuck in a freaky magic house. The heroine’s stabbed him once already. To do it again would be repetitive.

I have no idea what to do with it once it’s done, other than sending it to my agent and saying “Can you find someone to publish this?” which is my usual modus operandi, although it will require finding a totally different publisher than Dragonbreath, obviously. (and yes, I could self-publish, but I really kinda like having other people that I don’t have to pay involved.) I just hope that my current spate of hammering on it will sustain to the end, and not peter out just short of the finish line, as has been known to happen before. (On the other hand, we’re at 40K already, and there is a certain momentum once you crack about twenty.)

So that’s what I’m up to these days. How are you, internet?


EYESEARING! 6 x 6, mixed media. For sale, of course.

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As a novella it might be, but not this one--it's nowhere near done, it's just AT 40K at the moment. I am so bad at calling my own word counts I won't even try, but hopefully it'll crack 60 (which still isn't really novel length.)

No, 60k is GREAT! I find novella length ultimately more successful with faerie retellings. Do you know Donoghue's "Kissing the Witch"? There are also more small imprints/houses that could be perfectly content with that length. Good luck! What's your hoped-for finish date?

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