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Found On Water Barrel


Gray Tree Frog

This handsome fellow was hanging out on my water barrel. This is the same water barrel that is inexplicably full of tadpoles. There are Many Fewer Tadpoles Now.

I have a suspicion that he might be involved. But that’s okay. At least the tadpoles are being useful. (I have transferred as many to the pond as possible, but the remaining few are avoiding the Official Tadpole Transferring Pitcher.*) The alternative is that they expire in the water barrel or somehow grow to froghood on a near-nonexistant food supply, and I was feeling kinda guilty about them.

The gray tree frog seems to think that a water barrel is THE place to hang out during a hot day, since it’s damp and shady, so I’ve been leaving the top cracked for him to get in and out.

*I am not allowed to use it in the house anymore.

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I have a disused swimming pool in my backyard that is hosting a fair number of frogs, and earlier in the Spring was full of tadpoles. Before we realized the extent of the population, one frog was captured for release in a more suitable location, as we had intended to make the pool usable for humans. There was no question that the tupperware container the frog was transported in would ever be used for food again. For one thing, I had cut holes in the lid for him...

I love your attitude towards all this - be nice to the tadpoles, be nice to the frog, and if the frog eats the tadpoles that's just how nature rolls!

Wait. The frog ate the tadpoles? I thought the frog wandered up to the water barrel, thought, "Hey, let's raise kids here!" and proceeded to Get It On.

No, I'm pretty sure that the original commenter is correct...I think this is a different species of frog, and he engaged in a bit of recreational cannibalism, as frogs are wont to do.

Recreational cannibalism? So it's not that he was hungry - he was doing it for fun :)

Wonderful shot! I love tree frogs. (Gray tree frog? I would have gone for saffron-bellied! or maybe that's just my current preoccupation with spices speaking.)

Lovely frog! I've not seen any frogs here, but a great many toads. I'm hoping when the pond is permanent that I'll get a frog population in place.

Love the underbelly!
Tres chic!

It might be worth getting a little hand net at the pet store...

I didn't see a frog at first…

But he is a handsome fellow!

I have frogs inhabiting my water meter. The whole parking lot drains to it, and I've kept meaning to get the city to come out and do something about it, but now I'm like... I have to wait till the frogs hibernate. Cause they're drastically keeping down the mosquito population that was formerly inhabiting the water meter.

*I am not allowed to use it in the house anymore.

Several of my coworkers spent time working in the field with New World monkeys, and they ended up using an old coffee cup to collect fecal samples from their subjects. One of the coworkers, though, was unaware of the Officially Designated Poo Cup and had himself a nice warm cup of joe from it. To be fair, at least the cup was washed beforehand, but still.

That's a handsome Gray Tree Frog!

It being early here, I initially misread this as Gay Tree Frog and thought "How does she know?" before another brain cell kicked in...

He's certainly a splendid little chap!

If there are tree frogs hanging out around your water barrel, I think that it's actually explicably full of tadpoles. XD

Unrelated to this post -- I assume everyone has already sent you this, but I thought it might amuse you.


That is a worthy pun. I approve!

When I first looked at the picture, I thought it depicted half a lizard.

I had to look again in order to make out the forelegs. :)

the tadpoles are eating each other. i started feeding them some fish food and i got about a dozen that grew into little frogs.

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