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Rain at last!

Poured rain last night, re-filling the water barrels (one of which was getting rather nervously low, and the other of which I couldn’t use because it was full of tadpoles.) Thank god. We needed rain. (Not as badly as the Midwest does, but badly enough. Some of my newer plants were growing crispy-fried in the yard.)

Figuring that it was August, and I had just finished a novella (or maybe a novel, I don’t know, it may grow in editing)  I went off to the one Really Big Nursery and took advantage of their huuuuge sale on annuals to get a couple of flats by way of celebration.

Some of you in other climes are undoubtedly staring at the screen going “Planting annuals in AUGUST?” Dude. Last year we had asters flowering in JANUARY. I had a couple of annual verbenas actually overwinter. August is barely halfway through the season. So I got some interesting cuphea, which is a tropical critter that can handle our pitiless humidity and a bunch of native annual sages, plus a couple of annual coreopsiseses. And I had a pleasant morning planting them all out in a light rain.

Now, back to the grindstone…

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I spent part of this past weekend in the Chiracahua Mountains, and there was the most beautiful variety of wild Verbena blooming EVERYWHERE. Drifts and drifts of lavender wildflowers like little stars; just gorgeous. Lots of other stuff-- Indian Paintbrush, something that looked like wild Foxglove but probably wasn't, tons of Horehound in full flower, meadows full of Cowboys' Fried Eggs (Prickly Poppy)... and it was about 20 degrees cooler than the desert down below, so that was pretty wonderful too. Glorious place; I love the high plains forest areas out west.

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