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Portrait Of The Artist Surrounded By Creations

It’s an old schtick, but a good one.


(Not pictured: Everything Else)

If anything good comes out of our upcoming photo shoot, I’ll use that—otherwise this is my Official Self-Portrait from now on…

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


The Pear has dimples!!!!

Love it! Digger looks rather unimpressed!

Well, she's still trying to get back home and this is clearly a detour.

It's awesome!
I take it, you don't have to have a photo for the Hugos?

Yay! Though it would be even more rockin' if you did more of these, preferably in color, and perhaps with the bread wizard and some metaphorical pigeons.

Advice for good pictures learned from lots of bad pictures

Relax-Talk to the photographer, tell them about something you're passionate about. Try to forget about the fact that pictures are being taken. The pictures don't matter. You can always delete them if you hate them and you've got the drawing to use if none of the photos come out, so the photos are irrelevant and not something to worry about. You're just spending time hanging out with a friend.

Make "eye contact" with the camera lens, or if it works better for you, make eye contact with your friend who is looking through the camera by looking back through the camera at them.

Wear clothes you love. If you feel like it, bring some different accessories (Jewelry, hats, fun shoes, etc) and change things up during the shoot.

If it's practical, you might try having some pictures taken while you're in your space, going about your day. Like, while you're painting or writing or gardening. Some people photograph best in a formal studio setting, others look best in planned candids.

Yay! That's so you! And Digger looks appropriately disgruntled.

all sticky uppy things eventually look like wangs...

Seeing as this is Ursula's journal, I think calling them phalloi would be more appropriate.

Digger and Mulcher and pals!!


No chupacabre either, but oh well...

Actually, I kinda like that, it says more about you than a photo would.

That is awesome! Love the lil' birdie on your head.