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Portrait Of The Artist Surrounded By Creations

It’s an old schtick, but a good one.


(Not pictured: Everything Else)

If anything good comes out of our upcoming photo shoot, I’ll use that—otherwise this is my Official Self-Portrait from now on…

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


I love how Wendell is going for "street" with the crossed arms and not quite making it while Danny's going "Look! Look!"

So! How much for a colored one?

Re: Oh, that's awesome.

Danny sees the nallwug's surprise party approaching.

I almost didn't recognize the Biting Pear!

Send both, even if the photo is good the picture is You!

Shouldn't this have a gear or two in the background?

What more could anyone want? Hope it ends up on all your books going forward..

can't be you. no fez. ::::grins::::

I know the feeling when it takes an epic photoshoot just to get one passable photograph. >.

About two hours ago, I spoke to one of the folks doing the publications for Chicon, and asked about your hugo nomination photo request from chicon. I was told that it is perfectly fine with sending in a drawing of yourself, if that is what you prefer to do. Previous hugo nominees have done so. But since most of the hugo nominees exercise their creativity only in the written word, most of them just do a photo, usually the same one their book publisher uses in the 'about the author' part of their books.

I think that the drawing you have posted at the beginning of this entry would be perfect for it. Since it features you, and Digger, and your other creations.

Awesome! Thank you for checking!

That's so cute! Especially the little head-perching birdie!

This is how I'll always think of you!

Carlota though...

*sniff* I'd forgotten just how much I miss Digger.

This. So very much this.

You are in good company! What a lovely self-portrait! Here's to a good photography session too!