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House With Bird Feet

Once upon a time there was a girl named Sarah, whose mother loved her very very very much.

Her mother loved her so much that she was not allowed to play outside where someone might grab her, nor go away on sleepovers where there might be an accident or suspicious food. She was not allowed to go away to camp, where she might be squashed by a horse or bitten by diseased mosquitos, and she most certainly was not allowed to go on the Ferris Wheel at the carnival because (her mother said) the people who maintain the machinery are lazy and not very educated and might get drunk and forget to put a bolt back on and the entire thing could come loose at any moment and fall down and kill everyone inside, and they should probably leave the carnival immediately before it happened.

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What everybody else said, with sprinkles. This needs to be written, because I NEED TO READ IT.


I'd love to see this finished.

Oh, I do so want to know what happens tomorrow! And Baba Yaga does get the coolest lines. ;-)

Every time I read more of your writing and remember how much fun it is, I start pining for the thing about the Barbarian Gynecologist. :D

Have you ever read the Wednesday Witch? The writing/content reminds me of it quite a lot. Kids on misadventures they don't quite understand, yet accept anyway much to the dismay of the adults.Second-hand magic is by the same author also, and is just as great.

Oh, that gave me a jolt! I hadn't thought about Secondhand Magic in ages!

The author is Ruth Chew. She wrote a lot of good ones.

Orc and Elf! Orc and Elf!

I know you said a long time ago that you lost your mojo for it after your divorce, but I can't help loving that story so much.

Honestly you had me at the title because Baba Yaga is always fantastic and so is Ursula Vernon's writing. I love the feel of the story, you can tell that it is going to be the beginning of a fantastic adventure and I love the house especially when it winks and Sarah and preens.

I relate to Sarah so much it hurts. My mom was not far removed from that.

I'm dead sure I'm just repeating what someone worthier than I has already said, but -

This is what your writing is like "out of the hose"?! Ecaterin is right, I'm pre-mourning the loss of a couple of good authors, if not to age then to disease (what on EARTH am I going to do when Terry Pratchett has to stop? That man has been my boon companion through more unhappiness than I can recount and Disworld always helps make it better.), but knowing that you write like this makes the painful idea of losing some of my favorites to time easier to deal with. All luck and good fortune to you, Ursula, because I want to keep reading your quirky stuff for many, many years.

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