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House With Bird Feet 2

Okay, okay, one more because I love you and because this isn’t a real story yet and I don’t have to crouch protectively over it and wave my hands to keep the internet off until it’s done. (Fairly soon I will hit that stage, but the publishers generally don’t care about the first few chapters of the first draft, or if they do, nobody’s ever complained about it to me. In this day and age, they may not even care about the whole thing, given that we are deep in the throes of New Media and everything is negotiable.)

Sarah spent most of that evening trying to decide on her heart’s desire.

For a number of years—at least since she turned nine—she had wanted to be a shape-shifter, or if that wasn’t possible, at least to understand the language of animals. But being a shape-shifter would be best. Imagine being able to turn into any animal that ever lived! She could go anywhere—fly like a bird, see with her ears like a bat, swim in the water like a fish. She could talk to the oozy salamanders along the foundation of the house and the alley cats that strolled along the top of the fence. It would be incredible.

When other girls at school were mean to her, she could turn into a wolf—a bear—a wooly mammoth!—and trample them to pieces, or at least pretend that she was going to, because if it came right down to it, Sarah was not sure that she wanted to trample anybody.

(This may seem an unusual ambition, but Sarah had read a great many books about magic and animals and changing your shape. Sarah’s mother believed that books were safe things that kept you inside, which only shows how little she knew about it, because books are one of the least safe things in the world.)

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They were fingerless gloves in the previous installment.

I'm sure it will go into category one. ^_^

What if having a pet IS her heart's desire?

So, being given a random weasel and then sent suddenly away made me think of Bruce Coville's "Magic Shop" books - I can't help wondering if it came from the same place as the toad and the two wisecracking rats. Although the rest of the story is nothing like those.

Also, I just glanced up again and saw the bit about the lock, and now I can't help wondering if that helpful little lock will come in handy at some point in the future... Now that Chekhove put it in her pocket and all...

Loving it so far! Your writing is instantly charming and engaging, hilarious and readable.
I've loved Baba Yaga as a character and especially her hut since seeing them in the Quest for Glory games.
You add a wonderful context and history to her in this inkling of a story. Looking forward to more, whatever form it takes!

Oh PLEASE I hope that this ends up being finished and published, I am dying to know where it's going.

"It gets him out of my coat anyway, and that's all to the good."

Baba Yaga FTW.

Sarah’s mother believed that books were safe things that kept you inside, which only shows how little she knew about it, because books are one of the least safe things in the world.

This is the truest truth of literature (anywhere, anywhen, any kind) EVER, and I love you for including it.

because books are one of the least safe things in the world.)

So very true.

It’s a weasel. They don’t kill their prey with pretty words and poisoned sweetmeats.” Unlike wicked queens, weasels don't weasel out of being killers.

I do like your storytelling style. :¬D

I need this in my life. I get more and more tense as I read through it and relax in the most disappointed way possible when I see that the end has arrived.

I fully intend to buy all of your books (ostensibly) for my children.

I definitely want to see more of this. Your writing is somehow both lyrical and pragmatic at the same time, and the overall effect is just amazing.

Somewhat off-topic, dranon lent me the Black Dogs books over the weekend, and now I absolutely want my own copies. I completely lost count of the number of tropes you managed to invert, avoid, and/or rearrange!

I want this in a book so I can have the pleasure of giving to people and the honour of being the bringer of so much enjoyment.

I love it and I hope your inspiration will keep up with you so you can finish Sarah's story. (and for your agent and publishers to love it so I can buy it for my little cousins (and myself))

I can totally see the movie, or comic. Love this so far.

Ursula writes like....

This sounds like a story I'd love to read. Considering that there isn't any more to this one yet, can someone recommend a fairy tale with a similarly whimsical yet practical tone, so I can check my library? :)

Re: Ursula writes like....

It's not quite the same sort of whimsy, but I would recommend The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey.

I'm loving this story- I want to know what happens next!

Also I want somebody to give me a weasel, but that is another matter entirely. >_>