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(no subject)

What I spent the last few days doing...


I don't know. I don't like giants, or normal happy fairies, so I'm not sure where this came from, but hey, why not?

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I would adore this picture and the technique of saturated shadows so much, hadn't I read too many comics recently and therefore developed a severe loathing for blue backlighting...
Honestly, some comics *coughwitchbladecough* seem to use it in Every. Single. Picture. Regardless of actual lighting or anything... ack.
And yes, I have a devart account, but the comment would get lost in all those OMGURSULAROCKS! comments (in whose choir I would readily join if I didn't have a severe loathing of commenting where a lot of people have already commented...) comments.
Ah well. I've been up for way too long and am probably sounding very random right now. And I hope you don't mind me preaching the Teachings Of The Ursula in my lj.


Er, just in case, I meant the blue backlighting on the character... *beats self to sleep*

Preach away!

And I can definitely see the backlighting overload from that sorta thing...

Wow. I generally like your stuff, but I *particularly* like that. Excellent!

Yay! Rocks!

I declare you Mistress of Lighting. ^.^

Being Mistress of Lightning would undoubtedly have more practical application, but I'll take it!

Yeah, I'm sure we could all come up with a couple of good uses for the "smite!" button. ;)

Stunningly executed. You have such a knack with colours, ....I can only hope to learn one day.

And once again, I'm struck (mostly) speechless. This isn't your usual subject matter, true, but the lighting and setting is gorgeous. I have to admit a liking for the big guy, too.

Could it perhaps have come from a repressed memory of Piers Antony's Ogre, Ogre?

Only Piers Antony I've ever read, and that was just 'cause someone else got it from the library and I was bored, honest.

I don't know which is worse for me: That you can do this kind of stuff...

Or that you do it on a computer.

*Rayjay, who can't even manage color in Real Media*

Re: Sick with envy...

Hey, I couldn't do this in real media either, so don't feel bad! The colors only combine that way because it's digital--if I tried layering in the fashion with paint, I'd get lovely new shades of mud.

Re: Sick with envy...

Nuh uh... don't even go there. I've seen your watercolors.

Try pulling the other one...

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