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Not Dead!

Not dead! Had a wonderful time at Bubonicon—saving full report for when I get back from Worldcon this weekend, and can knock it all out at once.

I returned to 34 frogs in the pond. This is more frogs, by leaps and hops, than I have ever seen in the pond. I am stunned.  I don’t know if a crop of tadpoles all suddenly grew legs and climbed up on land at once or if the hot dry weather dried up a pond and they all found their way here, but…dude. Frogs. Frogs in extraordinary quantity. I find myself fretting—what will they eat? (Answer: Bugs, worms, each other.) They’re bronze frogs and Southern leopard frogs. The blacksnake has already come by for a meal.

I know it’ll all even itself out in time, and this is probably the boom and bust of a very young population cycle, but man, you walk to the compost heap and suddenly it’s all alarm calls and SPLASH SPLASH SPLOOSH! And when I look out my window, it is Frogtown.

There is also a nearly grown dragonfly nymph in the water barrel, which means no mosquito larvae and only a few enormous tadpoles. He is SOMETHING. I’m a little scared. There’s a stick so he can climb out, but dude.

And I had a facial yesterday, as my buddy Mur decided we were going to something girly before the Hugos, goddamnit. It was a helluva thing. My face is still a little stunned. There were all manner of goops and massaging and more goops and steam and I even had my ears massaged, which is really peculiar and has never happened before. (I assume it’s part of the thing, and that I didn’t just have Horrible Damaged Ears That Required Treatment At Once.)

I am only partly recovered from travel and now I get to do it again tomorrow, but it’ll be fine! I will lose with dignity and go to the Hugo Loser’s party and drink until I fall down. With dignity.

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I love dragonflies and their nymphs.

I think Angry Orchard is extra-dignified.

If you win, you may abandon your dignity. ^_^


I've never had a facial. I've only had a full manicure/pedicure thing once and I thought that was weird enough! I'm not sure I could take all the goopings!

They're the best if they're immediately preceeded by the longest massage one can afford and followed by lounging in a quiet, dim, warm room if possible. Mostly, they're an excuse to not move at all for about an hour. The only one where I felt it did something was the one I had about an hour after finishing a 2 week rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. That one removed layers.

Wow. 34 frogs -- great image, kind of calls for a song (hopefully not one with the refrain "heron today, gone tomorrow").

Happy Chicon, and enjoy your post-facial skin, which ought to peak at 48-72 hours after the facial itself. Hope you and your dignity have a great time -- together or separately.

This is more frogs, by leaps and hops, than I have ever seen in the pond.

Clearly, a plague. :P

Just dropping by to say that Bubonicon is the best name for a convention I have ever heard. Ever.

You should'a seen the flyer. She did them up a rat in High Priest of Tezcatlipoca outfit.

My one regret about not being able to make it to Chicon this year is not being able to cheer you on at the awards. And see you with your litttle hugo rocket pin on your badge. Followed by having to buy a new suitcase so you can bring your hugo rocket home with you. Then reading about your adventures with the TSA explaining just why you have a rocket in your luggage.

What He Said. I knew I wouldn't be able to go this year, and hadn't planned to bother with a membership -- but when I heard you'd made the ballot, I bought a supporting membership for the express privilege of voting for Digger in the Hugos.

Well, and also for the chance to vote for a filk album in the Hugos, but Digger was the primary reason.

And when I look out my window, it is Frogtown.

So, you came home to find Pho and Banh Mi restaurants in your pond?

Or Rowdy Roddy Piper running around with an explosive codpiece.

When my parents put in a pond in the backyard of my father's house, the first few summers were Constant Frog Orgy. I mean, the neighbors actually complained.

Apparently word got out that there was a new watering hole and everyone had to try it?

It calmed down after about two years, and we had a steady population of About One Frog and About One Toad, both of which were smarter than the cat.

Probably calmed down after the predators found the place.

Have Fun!!!


The heck with dignity. There's plenty of time for dignity elsewhere. Go with the MASSIVE LOADS OF SQUEE-ING EXCITEMENT!

For what it's worth, Ursula, I think you ought to get the Hugo. It was a difficult choice to make on my ballot, as I'd also like to see Howard Taylor finally get the rocket for Schlock, but Digger was absolutely stunning, and reading it made me aware of who you are and all your other fantastic work.

Thank you for the kind words! (And frankly, if I gotta lose, I really hope it's to Howard. *grin*)

Huzzah for Frogs! The rest of the snakes will be cruising in soon, I'm sure.

Huzzah for facials! I had one about a year and a half ago as part of a Birthday Spa Day for Me, which included body wrap and hot stone massage and full mani/pedi. My hands were massaged 5 times. It was glorious and yes, the facial lady put about 12 products on my face. And a hand massage.

You WILL rock the Hugo Awards, because you are just that AWESOME.

(Give yourself a spa day afterward.)

Lots of frogs is good. Dragonfly is good. I remember we used to have a lot more of both back when I was a kid back in 19mumble. I hardly see any of either sort any more. We still have mosquitoes, though, so at least their food has not gone missing.

Massaging the ears is a normal part of a face massage. At least it is in Lanna (northern Thailand) style.