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Not Dead!

Not dead! Had a wonderful time at Bubonicon—saving full report for when I get back from Worldcon this weekend, and can knock it all out at once.

I returned to 34 frogs in the pond. This is more frogs, by leaps and hops, than I have ever seen in the pond. I am stunned.  I don’t know if a crop of tadpoles all suddenly grew legs and climbed up on land at once or if the hot dry weather dried up a pond and they all found their way here, but…dude. Frogs. Frogs in extraordinary quantity. I find myself fretting—what will they eat? (Answer: Bugs, worms, each other.) They’re bronze frogs and Southern leopard frogs. The blacksnake has already come by for a meal.

I know it’ll all even itself out in time, and this is probably the boom and bust of a very young population cycle, but man, you walk to the compost heap and suddenly it’s all alarm calls and SPLASH SPLASH SPLOOSH! And when I look out my window, it is Frogtown.

There is also a nearly grown dragonfly nymph in the water barrel, which means no mosquito larvae and only a few enormous tadpoles. He is SOMETHING. I’m a little scared. There’s a stick so he can climb out, but dude.

And I had a facial yesterday, as my buddy Mur decided we were going to something girly before the Hugos, goddamnit. It was a helluva thing. My face is still a little stunned. There were all manner of goops and massaging and more goops and steam and I even had my ears massaged, which is really peculiar and has never happened before. (I assume it’s part of the thing, and that I didn’t just have Horrible Damaged Ears That Required Treatment At Once.)

I am only partly recovered from travel and now I get to do it again tomorrow, but it’ll be fine! I will lose with dignity and go to the Hugo Loser’s party and drink until I fall down. With dignity.

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Congratulations! :DDDDDD


WOW! That's fantastic. You and Digger deserve it.



Congrats on the Hugo win!! I found out because there is a PICTURE OF YOU ON NEIL GAIMAN'S FACEBOOK!

CongaRats!!!!! I am so glad to see that you won, you deserve it. Digger's better written than some "serious" books.

Congrats on the Hugo! I followed your blog for years and years and years--but I've been sidetracked by school and such these past few, so I didn't even know until tumblr pulled a a picture of Neil Gaiman, and I recognized your tattoos and my brain skidded because that's just way too much awesome

I literally just clapped like a seal when I saw that you'd won. Congratulations!

Congratulations! Now you get to go to the Hugo Winners' Party and get drunk without dignity! :D

That didn't go quite as planned, did it?

Congratulations and BANZAI for the little wombat that could!

Congratulations on the Hugo! I am so very happy for you!

I just heard the news, and I grinned so wide it hurt. Congratulations so much!

Of course I am late to the Congrats party. I didn't think to look til this morning. I clapped like an idiot and then considered leaving Skype on to tell my bf about it, since I have gotten him hooked on KUEC. "Was there an update on Sunday?" "No, she's at worldcon. They'll be announcing the hugos." "Stupid cons."

Wonderful to see that you rocked the Hugo!

Add another voice to the chorus of "Congratulations, well deserved!"

I need to find my print Diggers - which are somewhere in the basement with all the other books but not, unfortunately, all together - and reread.