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Audio (and Blurry Video!) of my speech

Official stuff not up yet, but you can hear the audio at least (and see a cel-phone video of me as Giant Faceless Gesticulating White Blur!) right here!

You’ll have to turn it up a bit, since it was all being taken by a cel phone in the very back of the room, held by one of the Sofawolf gang, but you can hear the speech at last (and dude, did I sound really calm or what? I’m kinda impressed with myself! I don’t sound like I’m about to go shake uncontrollably at all!)

Applause blocks out one or two lines, but hopefully you get the gist.


(That weird bit at the beginning is me making Scalzi double check that it actually has my name on it–not sure if the mics picked it up.)

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That is awesome! I meant to say congrats on the last post, but I will say it here instead. Congrats! Woot!

That's wonderful! You sound calm and assured, and thrilled and honoured; and you manage to be humorous and appreciative. Great speech!

You want me to see about getting you a copy of the video feed of your award? Most of the tech crew there are friends of mine.

Is there any way to get that posted online? I was so disappointed when the video vanished.

I voted for you - I was also in the audience, and at the con, though you might not have known that (I was very busy at one of my usual Worldcon jobs)

I rather like the lighting effect, actually - surreal, and makes me expect Star Trek noises.

I thought the bit at the beginning were you two trying to find a non-perverse way to hold the Hugo.

No one's too young to know Alice's Restaurant silly, it's a tradition! Up here anyway, a few of the local radio stations play the whole things at set times every Thanksgiving.

And thanks for posting the vid, I completly forgot whenm all of this was and didn't get to watch/listen to the actual feed.

Don't know where "up here" is, but the community radio station down here in SW Colorado does that, too.

Extreme Congratulations

and it was very nice to meet you (since I was not able to come to ConQuesT) in person.

Love your art. Will be walking at next year's worldcon so no BS with the freaking elevator set-up no matter what.

And awesome speech.

Many congratulations.
And your speech was excellent, clear and funny while not sounding practised and blasé.

Woo! Congrats!! You totally deserve it!

Heh.... congrats again baby. So fricking happy for you! Wooot!