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Four Years Ago Today…

…I came home from an evening at Kevin’s to find that my apartment had been robbed.

It was not a pleasant experience, but the cats were okay and they didn’t get the computer. It did mean that I moved in with Kevin in one day instead of a week or two, as had been the plan.

My memory of the day, actually, is not of “Oh god, burglary!” but of the kindness of my friends. My buddy Otter called me up and said “Do I need to come over?” and I think I said “…I don’t KNOW!” To which she said “Right, getting in the car now.” She trucked a jeepload of stuff to Kevin’s house and fed me while I was still dithering about police reports. My friends Mike & Amy & Wes showed up that night and they fit EVERYTHING into Wes’s truck and a couple of cars and drove the whole thing to Pittsboro. While geography means that I don’t see those guys very often any more, I will never forget that.

And of course, the nice police officer who, when a moderately hysterical woman grabbed him and yelled “WHAT KIND OF SICKO STEALS A PERSON’S SEX TOYS!?” said “Oh god, lady, I don’t know!” and did not charge me with assaulting a police officer’s lapels.

In four years, Kevin and I have largely transformed his house, as much as one can with flooring and paint and ruthless decluttering and random art. He has been the best roommate ever and he doesn’t seem to mind if I wake up one morning and decide to paint the hallways turquoise.  The walls are filling up with souvenirs of our travels together—Talaveras crosses and art from friends and interesting skulls acquired at random locations. I turned him on to Dr. Bronner’s soap. He taught me how to organize an inbox. We negotiated laundry-related divisions of labor. I took over all the yard work and put in enormous flower beds and slightly less enormous vegetable beds. He gave away the lawn mower and learned to cook beets. I got his beagle. He got my Little Orange Cat.

It’s been a lovely four years. I hope we have forty more.

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I remember that. I hadn't realized it was that long ago.

You and Kevin seem to be so perfectly suited to one another. You're always so happy when you talk about him, and, you mention him a lot.

I hope you get at least forty more years together. :)

just goes to show you... sometimes setbacks are not setbacks at all. A few months ago, the wife found out she was being laid off from her job at the end of this month, after 30 years. We live in a very expensive area. She just got off the phone with an old friend living in Iowa, working for the same company. She told him about being kicked to the curb, and he said "What?? we're hiring, we needed people two months ago." So she just fired off a resume, the new job suits her skill set, beautifully. We have an excellent chance for her to land the job, at basically the same payscale/pension band, in an area with housing less than 1/3rd the cost, and cost of living almost half of what it is in New York.

I hope y'all have at least forty more too.

Many returns of the HAPPY parts of that day!

Well, yay happy unintended consequences?

Here's to many more years for you.

Congratulations! I wish you the best and laud you for finding such an awesome human being to chose to share your life with :)

Whoa, have I been reading that long? Since before your divorce I think actually. Huh. I'm still curious about the mysterious project that required a trip to Hollywood, staying in somebody's house there and seeing a puma (? I think?) walk around there.

Congratulations! To many many more happy years :-)

Bobcat, and I fear I'll take that one to the grave with me, as it was one of those projects with Big Secrecy Forms. (You're not missing anything, it still hasn't come out.)

May you indeed have many many more

Wishing you both many (at least 40!) happy returns of the day!

I hope you have a lovely forty more years as well. I love listening to you and Kevin banter on the podcast. I still remember the episode where he talked about how much he loves you.

Which one was this? and are they still making these?

Many happy returns! Today's been an excellent day so far; I got to wish that for Ursula and also for Sharon Lee, who is 60 today: Hobbit Birthday.

Just.... D'awwwww

It gives me hope after my own failed relationship.

I have always been so very happy for you and Kevin. Honestly, I have wished that joy for you for so long and am so fricking glad you have found it.. it found you... you stepped in it... mulched it... ah hell, it probably has tadpoles that will grow up to be dragons and cover the world in delight.


Hugs to you both. Beagle farts and all.

Best comment!! :D

And, yes -- congratulations, and I wish you many more years of successful adventures and hilarious misadventures, and every happiness that the world has to offer :)


Other than the ickiness of having been robbed (and they took sex toys but not a computer? you have very strange robbers), congratulations on four years of living with someone who makes you so happy!

It's Ursula's life. The way things go for her, I'm surprised they didn't also take all her left shoes, the light bulbs out of the lamps, and three of her throw rugs.

And maybe left behind six empty bottles of nail polish. Just for the "bwah?" factor.