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Elegant and Fine

And having just said all of that about Susan, upon having given the matter far too much thought, the real Problem of Susan, to my mind, had nothing to do with her family dying. It sucks a lot, but it happens and people can die without God Specifically Being Out To Get You. People cope with that and move on all the time, and we feel for them, but they do not get recorded as one of the Great Literary Injustices.

No, what I started thinking was that I’m thirty-five. I love my life. I have work I care about and a man I am quite desperately in love with. And if I suddenly fell through a wardrobe and was eleven years old again, I would go so batshit insane that they would have to make up new words for how insane I had gone.

I expect I might have a hard time playing nice with the god responsible.

So, y’know. (I realize that half my short stories turn up as “Point of view of the woman in this otherwise well-known story” and beg forgiveness in advance.) This one may even qualify as fan-fic! I make you a gift of it, although if my plane goes down in the Atlantic, please remember me for Digger and the Little Red Riding Hood thing instead.

“Elegant and Fine”

The real problem with Susan, in the end, was not that she was no longer Narnia’s friend. It was that she had already been its lover.

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Completely incapable of saying something original right now, but your stories and short things like this have a way of echoing around in my head and scaring out new thoughts, and I LOVE IT. The bit about not being a tame woman is the best thing I've read in a long time.

Even as a child, I thought the allegory was a bit heavy-handed, but one of my favorite memories is still my dad reading those books to my brother and me before bed. Of course, he also read us The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and, well, those made more of an impact.

I still can't read parts of The Last Battle, mostly due to annoyance. I do find that humming "Jesus Christ Superstar" during certain parts cheers me right up, though. >:}

Fourthing the recommendation to read Neil Gaiman's spin on the same basic topic. It's also dark and fantastic and sad, but in an entirely different way.

Perfect and amazing. Thank you for writing this!

Heartbreakingly beautiful.

Thank you.

Oh my stars, you EXACTLY put my finger on the thing I disliked in those returns. What would it be LIKE to walk into your home and realize EVERYONE IS DEAD?!

This is a wonderful rendering of the problem of Susan. I came here via stgreyhounds who friended me after reading this story. You capture very well the idea that it is not Susan who rejected Narnia, but Narnia who rejected Susan. I love, love, by the way, your rendering of Narnia as a lusty place where the lines are blurred, love is lovely and wild (and who cares?) and there are children on the thrones (and probably hair and feathers in everything). Having spent the last 3 years slogging my way through the very good and very ugly of that fandom, everyone tries to tackle the problem of Susan at some point. It is appalling how many punish Susan for her supposed apostasy with blinding and dub con, etc, etc until she finds Jesus. I love your inversion of the line from the books: "Susan didn’t care. If he was going to go around refusing to be a tame lion, he could hardly fault her for refusing to be a tame woman."

I really admire the strength and ferocity of your Susan the Gentle (for gentle is not weak). I believe she will find love with someone who makes her feel elegant and fine. Even better, I think this Susan comes away with a sense of worth and strength. She has been hurt, she will not be hurt again, and she will find what she seeks. Thank you for a terrific story.

off topic, unusual planting instruction

Off topic.
Unusual planting instruction.
Germination can be expedited by pre-treatment with concentrated sulphuric acid.

Oh my goodness that's a fantastic piece. Poor Susan.

Thank you so much for sharing this! Susan was the one I identified with when I first picked the books up as a preteen ages ago so when she turns out to be... too much whatever, it hurt so much.

Lovely fic ♥

That was wonderful, and yes, yes! to "he could hardly fault her for refusing to be a tame woman."

Brilliant! Thank you for Susan's anger and rage. Yes, this would do it: one turns one's back, in a 'f**k you' gesture, and puts it out of one's mind.

This is amazing. Thank you.


Thank you so much for writing the fic I've been wanting to read for years.

Oh, wow, this is gorgeous and perfect and YES.

This is simply outstanding. Linked here from selenak's journal and I'm very glad that I did.

Thank you for this.


I actually can't express how wonderful this is. The fact that they regressed has always been the biggest problem to me, and you addressed it in a really insightful and innovative way. This is the story I've always wanted for Susan, thank you so much for writing it!