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Allegory of Justice

Honestly, my greatest accomplishment today was rousting out a completely uncontrollable perennial sunflower that was flopping everywhere and generally being a very poor neighbor in the garden.

Then there’s this…


Digital. Thingy. Ferrets.

Some day, I will figure out that cut paper look that I want to do somehow. Probably. Mind you, once you start doing nonsensical allegorical paintings, it’s hard to know when to stop. “The Puffin Of Organization Astride The Dragon Of Excessive Craft Supplies.” “Excellence As A Young Hamster Maiden Nibbled By The Turtles Of Indolence.” You get the idea.

Prints available as always.

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Oh, I need The Puffin of Organization. I imagine I'm not the only one that does.

Perfect to put by the side of the postcard of Innocence, on the Bicycle of Propriety, carrying the Urn of Reputation safely over the Abyss of Indiscretion...

...well, those two at least sound glorious.

And this looks like cut paper to me!

In the last three weeks, the Duck of Mute Despair has made its roost with me...

I would totally buy the Puffin.

This is just so bad and wrong and ... awesome. *sporfles*

Ah, Ursula, you never fail to crack me up.



(speechless with astonished appreciation)

D'aww! I love the blind ferret, bless his furry little sword-wielding heart.

“The Puffin Of Organization Astride The Dragon Of Excessive Craft Supplies."

Please, please, paint this. I cannot possibly overstate how badly my sewing/knitting/spinning/weaving/beadworking room needs that print!

Should be The Puffin of Exercise (because, that's what one does...).

Edited at 2012-09-24 06:50 pm (UTC)

Puffin of Organization would have a hard time staying astride a Dragon (stubbular little legs...) I need one of those.

See, that is where the metaphor comes in - the constant struggle of the Puffin (Organization) to stay on top of the Dragon (Excessive Craft Supplies).

Also yes, please make these two and the next dozen that come to mind.

I think you could definitely do a cool pic of the Sloth of Sloth.

Oh, sure, you could try out some other options in order to come up with something more original and interesting to represent Sloth, but putting in all that extra effort would sort of defeat the whole idea, y'know?

(Deleted comment)
I think I need both the Puffin and the Hamster. That might be because I'm riding the dragon and the turtles have gotten to my bones by now, but, it's never too late?

20 GOTO 10

Where's the damned "like" button...

Cut paper works for me!
Looks great!

Critique: perhaps a more deliberate difference in the textures/patterns of some of the bits? Like a blue brocade/stripe for the sky, lace for the greenery, etc? I do like the cut-out/scrappy look a lot.

Fangirl: OMG squee!