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In the very, very VERY rare state of feeling the need to doodle without any particular thing I really need to doodle. (Of course, now I have to go draw Dragonbreath for awhile, so that’s the end of that.)

In the meantime, have a doodle.


The love between a yak and a foo dog is a beautiful thing. The offspring…not so much.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.


Poor puppy! Come here, and I'll pet you and love you and make you a nice carrot stew.

I'd keep one of those as a pet!

Your yak foo fu is strong.

The drawing is adorable. The description is hysterical.

The cats are staring at me now...

For some reason, I want to know what kind of hoof/paw prints it leaves... or are they swept away by the wool/fur?

I see it moving like a hovercraft...

Marvelous and cute and weird and ugly in a pathetic only a mother could love way. Love to see you doodles and read the descriptions.

Also, picked up my copy of Fariybreath at the store tonight. Gonna read it at lunch tomorrow.

I shall hug it and squeeze it and call it Norval! (I would call it George but I have called too many things George and the George attorneys have served me with cease and desist orders...so no more George for me.)

cute, whatever it is!

My boyfriend had a dog that looked like that -- the offspring of a chow chow and "the biggest damned dachshund I'd ever seen." People would ask him, "What IS that?" He'd look offended and say, "It's a DOG."

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Edited at 2012-09-25 02:48 am (UTC)

the biggest damned dachshund I'd ever seen.

So, a munchkin doberman then.

I think the fooyak puppycalf is awfully cute actually.

My brain suddenly mashed this up with the Goons, and came up with


Aww, the little curls! And the vaguely confused expression! I think it looks kind of like a baby Alot, actually...