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digital, Painter 7

Martha was annoyed to discover that the #7 bus, instead of taking her to bridge club, had dropped her in yet another damn fantasy world.

The fauns in the last one had been very polite, but she’d had to fight that thing with the tentacles off with her handbag.

Martha showed up in a sketch, but the guy with the recycling really makes it for me. I really need to start physical art for FC, but felt like doing something silly and digital first.

Prints available, as always.

Originally published at Tea with the Squash God. You can comment here or there.

I don't think the little lizard/squirrel guy has ever seen anything like Martha before!

He looks like he's in LOVE! LOL!

I love this. Little critters everywhere!

I needed a moment to make sure which one is Martha. The recycling bag says "Martha" to me. And the lady with three fingers and a pet lizard? Definitely a fantasy world.

I was thinking Martha was the reptiloid with the recycling bag ...

... until the image finished loading, and there was MARTHA, patron goddess of the perilously peeved, whom that poor little squirrelizard is attempting to placate.

(Beware the wrath of the sensibly shod!)

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(Deleted comment)
Precisely what I was thinking!!

Another Damn Fantasy World sounds like a novel I would absolutely read.

Ooh, me too! With a protagonist that's so DONE with it, but keeps getting pulled in to the point that she wears one of those bracelets woven of 100 feet of parachute line in case of emergencies and carries a leatherman in her purse. And always wears practical shoes.

(Deleted comment)
I love that Martha's shoes and handbag match, even though they aren't even in the same color map as her dress. She does look righteously pissed off. I'm not sure I want to get in the way of the shoes, or the handbag.

It's the little critter with the flower and the sort of hopeful look that makes it for me! I'm not sure if he/she/it is trying to romance Martha or placate her, but either way, I'm rooting for the little critter!

I think the big fellow with the recycling bag looks intimidated by Martha. Not that I blame him!

To me this is sort of like what would happen should Dorothy Gilman's Mrs Pollifax wander into a fantasy world.


Mrs. Pollifax would be a little less peeved and a bit more, OOH, that's Interesting!

Looks like she caught the bus into Dragonbreath territory. I'd like to know what number that bus is.

That brings up a question I've been thinking about. Do you consider your various fantasy realms to be parts of the same 'universe', or are they separate and unconnected? Or do you think about it at all?

Someday (in the scads of spare time you keep under the elephant in the pantry) I would love to see a how to for your textures. I made awesome trees by accident after rereading Digger with a sketch book auto doodling on my lap. I think I figured out how to take the scratch board thing you did and make it work with graphite and different sized erasers but it would be fascinating to see what you had to say on the matter. From the horses mouth as it were, but I never did understand complimenting someone by telling them they smell of hay and looked like teeth the size of tombstones. Also what was with the giant rubbery prehensile tongue?

Completely lost control of that, must be keyboard weevils.

That's one monster that is really green! :¬D

It could be fun taking all the tropes that are engendered by "Ordinary person finds self in a fantasy world" and seriously twisting them.

So, any more of "Martha's Magical Mystery Tour"?

It seems that he is beginning to get the notion that one does not mess with Martha.

All that's required now is for the bus to be the Nekobus and for Totoro to get off at this stop.

The Nekobus needs to be part of the Lolcat mythos.