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Official Warning

This is your official warning, internet. I woke up this morning singing “White Christmas” and lit up a gingerbread-scented candle.

Be afraid.

And have a picture of my cat. (Okay, he’s really Kevin’s cat now. I know when I’m beat.)


I am little! And orange! And compact!

That’s Ben in the background, but in his defense, he is laying at one of those weird angles and is actually made primarily of muscle and entitlement.

Also, I wrote a gardening post over at Beautiful Wildlife Garden, about a low-maintenance garden I don’t actually own, which, which not quite as amusing as my Plea For A Better Class Of Knick-Knacks,still has some pretty good plant lists for our area.

ETA: Thanks for everybody who asked about Ben! He's doing great. The last big flare-up after his back teeth got pulled---which had put me in the oh-god-this-is-it mode---really was the last one. He's been fine since, and continues to run the household and bully everyone except occasionally Kevin.

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I am cursing you (reasonably politely) for linking to Houzz.com. I didn't really need to add more possibilities for day-dreaming and indecision to my home decor woes -- especially when I'm supposed to be drawing up section and elevation plans for a garage-to-studio remodel -- but I can't help myself, now.

EDIT to add: Having just read the Knick Knack article, I felt I ought to inform everyone that I HAVE given manure as a present. I send my mom three yards of shit, and it was her favorite mothers' day present ever. Everyone at work thought I was awful, except for the gardeners, who were jealous.

Edited at 2012-10-15 05:34 pm (UTC)

You are clearly a very good child.


People asked me what I got my parents for Xmas and I said: BULLSHIT! 3 bags full!

My parents love me.

I once sent my mother a gallon bag of worm compost and a card reading HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY have some poo.

My Dad gives me compost and fallen leaves (which he ran over with the lawnmower to avoid having to rake). Best. Dad. Ever. :-D

(he also installed my irrigation system. It is awesomely over-engineered)

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