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Official Warning

This is your official warning, internet. I woke up this morning singing “White Christmas” and lit up a gingerbread-scented candle.

Be afraid.

And have a picture of my cat. (Okay, he’s really Kevin’s cat now. I know when I’m beat.)


I am little! And orange! And compact!

That’s Ben in the background, but in his defense, he is laying at one of those weird angles and is actually made primarily of muscle and entitlement.

Also, I wrote a gardening post over at Beautiful Wildlife Garden, about a low-maintenance garden I don’t actually own, which, which not quite as amusing as my Plea For A Better Class Of Knick-Knacks,still has some pretty good plant lists for our area.

ETA: Thanks for everybody who asked about Ben! He's doing great. The last big flare-up after his back teeth got pulled---which had put me in the oh-god-this-is-it mode---really was the last one. He's been fine since, and continues to run the household and bully everyone except occasionally Kevin.

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Regarding Mosaic Stepping Stones; I don't do mosaic myself, but I do have a lot of scrap glass. Generally, if it's small enough to fit it in the mouth of a mason jar, but it's bigger than my thumb, I consider it too small to use, but too big to throw out. I have a line of mason jars across the far edge of my workbench, in Roy G. Biv order. As the scrap pieces are cut, they are tossed in the appropriate jar. When the jars get full, they are weighed, and adjusted so they are 1lb each, closed up, and added to the collection on my windowsill.

I have delusions that someday I will put fancy labels on them, photograph them, and sell them online. Most likely as supplies for mosaic artists, but possibly as fancy balloon weights. That delusion has been hanging around for quite a while now, and my windowsill is getting kind of full. So you can have them for the price of shipping if you want. Or, if you are in no hurry, I can pack them in my stuff for AC, and then shipping isn't an issue.

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