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There needs to be a word for that mix of frustration and vindication when you’ve spent twenty minutes trying to get the art lined up on the scanner bed so that the sides are straight and you can get the little selection box juuuuuust right so that you don’t get the bit of black that throws the colors off and then you finally realize that the board itself is a couple degrees off-true on one side and it’s not you.

Germany? Get on that.


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I'm sure we could start with puns on being maladjusted...


Beschneidungsfehler (did I mention that Beschneidung is also the German word for circumcision? :D)


This reminds me of a bit in How to Not Make a Prize-Winning Quilt in which the author realizes after years that the seam guide on her sewing machine isn't quite accurate.

And did you know that that TAP and Brause 1mm pen points are not exactly the same size?

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Ugh... I understand that frustration. I understand it COMPLETELY. Blargh


Here in Germany we call that "Argh!" ;-)

That's Brit, not German.

This German is usually pretty fond of "Verdammte Scheiße" or "Pissnelke", but don't use that in polite company.

If you want a pseudophilosophical Name... Hm...

What about "Falschfarbfehleinschätzung"? I love my language. :3

i can't say that once, much less five times fast.

while a lovely language i still regret taking french. spanish would have been quasi-practical, and occasionally i can manage THOSE accents.



Künstlerpech? ;) Last one means "artist's bad luck" and is pretty much ironic in its original meaning.

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