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Fair Garden

The gardening show at the Fair was not quite so exciting as the other bits—and contained less deer-butt art—but there were some neat bits. I was very pleased to see a Native Plant Society garden there. (This time of year, everything’s a bit ragged locally.) There were some very…peculiar…little show gardens, about which the less said the better. (Best Use Of Replica Saber-Toothed Tiger Skull oughta be an award, though.) There were some spectacular bonsai trees, including a dogwood that rightfully won every award possible.

And then there was the Great Lawn Flamingo Migration.


Migration…or hunting pack?

I loved this way more than was probably healthy. If I had a huge watery area full of sedges…well. We know what I’d put in it.

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Hunting pack. When you are a raptor-descendant, you don't CARE about camouflage!

Wow. Turns out a whole flock is way more tasteful than just one. Wait, do I mean tasteful?! ;)

I agree. There's a PURPOSE for those, rather than just being a singular bit of plastic decoration.

I think so! They make sense. So cool this way.

Love it! If the darned things weren't so expensive to purchase en masse, I'd have a migration of my own, moving them forward every day.

I vote for ibises or roseate spoonbills instead.

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And the one flamingo hanging back... "Guys... guys... *wheeze* Slow down... c'mon, guys..."

I used to have a neighbor that worked for a place that did stealth flamingo displays on peoples lawns. It was cool.

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I second this! Dogwoods are one of my favorite trees, and a bonsai dogwood sounds lovely.

Definitely a hunting pack, seeking their preferred prey: garden gnomes.

They do hunt living gnomes, yes. BUT, the clustering is not about pack behavior. It's about mutual protection from the Zombie Gnomes.


You should be proud of yourself, Ursula!

I have inflicted that Assquatch link on DOZENS of unsuspecting people today!

Their reactions have been priceless. PRICELESS, I tell you!

I can see you with these:


I have these in my front yard, chilling with two cheap pink ones. (My awesome retro one was stolen!!)

Anyway, my mom and I agree that the flamingos above are a migration for certain.

I have friends with them on their lawn.
They are perfect for the right people.

I am in LOVE!!! I have been trying to source pink lawn flamingos in Australia for years! I don't do pink, but i do love a pink lawn flamingo

You know, that flamingo picture was awesome. It would be about 10 million times awesomer, though, if they were _zombie_ flamingos.

Now I kind of want a mini police call box with flamingoes surrounding it...

The flamingos have the phone box!

That would be an awesome lawn installation...

You need to show this picture to @neilgaiman and his twitter wife, there is a tumblr dedicated to Neil flamingo art, this would be perfect, a mass migration of pink flamingos 8-)

I'm having a Niven/Pournelle flashback. A mass of giant lawn flamingos in hummingbird colors, as a Terror Bird hunting pack?

Lesser flamingos feed at soda lakes, fascinating ecosystems that show extreme biological productivity and have promise for removing excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

The world needs more flamingos.

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